Rick Perry 'Steps in It'

Texas governor reacts to his Energy Department slip-up during the GOP debate.
2:48 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Rick Perry 'Steps in It'
These days I'm glad I had not it's on the night investors stepped in there -- did this government a political had to know when that little as well. I tell -- what I named two more agencies of government than what the the current administration is talking about getting rid of and and energy it is wouldn't come out so. Anyway those three agencies of government education and an energy and commerce. You are are part of it and and you know that the bottom line is that may have forgotten energy but I had forgotten my conservative principles and that's what this campaign really going to be about. Land -- -- higher tax plan. A flat tax that everyone it takes a look at understands this is that tax that's. Not only will get Americans working again give people confidence that they're gonna -- -- more what they. They they work for. We lay out of plan that deals with entitlements we talk about the budget we balance it by 20/20. Nobody else on the stage as a plan that balances that budget by 22 -- have notably more questionable -- a little tonight. Look I'm focused on my my issues in in my issues about our tax plan it's about our budget. It's about our cutting spending it's about given americans' real hope -- revision. That you get this country back to work it. It it's it's really not that difficult the fact is she's gotta have some Kirk. You know from time to time you may forget about an agency that Cuba. -- Guinness -- zero. But everybody tomorrow will understand that the Energy Department is one of those it needs to be done away with what -- -- I stepped in it man out you have as embarrassing -- it was. You know when. But but but here here's what's more important. People understand. That our. Principles. Our conservative principles are what matter not that. In a litany of of the agency's that I think we figure it out there though -- government. I would suggest -- need to be downsized. And -- -- But it's those. Simple. Conservative principles. Or what people are interested in an hour suggests -- he is a sort their way through this is they look at our tax plan is they look at that the flat tax at 40%. Is they look at that what we're gonna do -- entitlements is they look at. How we're gonna deal with spending as we talk about which agencies of government you know frankly to be pushed back to the states are done away with. Will win today at the end of that -- It's. -- -- think the debate at this point in time everything from today. Rethink them and was renting them in terms of -- stepping -- from. It's. -- that are absolutely not. I'll be in South Carolina on Saturday don't know now remember the Energy Department's.

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{"id":14920417,"title":"Rick Perry 'Steps in It'","duration":"2:48","description":"Texas governor reacts to his Energy Department slip-up during the GOP debate.","url":"/Politics/video/rick-perry-steps-14920417","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}