Obama: U.S. Remains Indispensible in World Affairs

President sites Arab Spring, Osama bin Laden death as major U.S. victories.
7:47 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Obama: U.S. Remains Indispensible in World Affairs
We've learned from our actions abroad over the last few years. Ending the Iraq War -- allowed us to strike if decisive blows against our enemies. From pocket stunned to Yemen. The al-Qaeda operatives who remain are scrambling. Knowing that they can't escape the reach of the United States of America. From this position of strength. We've begun to wind down the war in Afghanistan. 101000. Of our troops have come home. 43000 more will leave by the end of this summer. This transition to Afghan lead will continue and we will build an enduring partnership with Afghanistan. So that it is never again a source of attacks against America. -- -- -- -- -- The wave of change is washed across the Middle East and North Africa. From -- to Cairo. From sunup to Tripoli. A year ago Qaddafi was one of the world's longest serving dictators. A murder when American blood on his hands. Today he is wrong. And in Syria I have no doubt -- -- Asad regime -- discover. That the forces of change cannot be reversed. As human dignity cannot be denied. How this incredible. Transformation -- land. Remains uncertain. But we have a huge stake in the outcome. And while it's ultimately up to the people the region to decide their effect. We want advocated for those values that have served our own country so well. We will stand against violence and intimidation. We will stand up -- the rights and dignity of all human beings men and women Christians Muslims and Jews. We will support policies that lead to strong and stable democracies and open markets because tyranny is no match for liberty. And we will safeguard America's own security against those who threaten our citizens. Our friends and our interest. Look at Iran. To the power -- diplomacy a world that was once divided about how to deal with Iran's nuclear program. Now stands as one. The regime is more isolated than ever -- Its leaders are faced with a crippling sanctions. And as long as they shirk their responsibility as this pressure will not relent. Let there be no doubt. America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and I won't take no options off the table. But I peaceful resolution of this issue. Is still possible. And far better. And -- -- changes course and -- its obligations it can rejoin the community of nations. The renewal of American leadership can be felt across the -- Our oldest alliances in Europe and Asia. Are stronger than ever -- Our ties to the Americans are deeper. All ironclad commitment and I mean iron -- that Israel security has -- but closest military cooperation between our two countries. In history. We made it clear that America in the Pacific -- now. And a new beginning in Burma has -- the new home. From the coalitions we've built to secure nuclear materials. To the missions we've -- against hunger and disease. And blows we built our enemies. To be enduring power of our moral example America is back. Anyone who tells you otherwise. Anyone who tells -- that America is in decliner that are. Influences -- Doesn't know what they're talking about. That's -- the message we -- from leaders around the world were eager to work with us. That's not how people feel from Tokyo to Berlin from Cape Town to real. Where opinions of America are higher than they've been in years. Yes the world is changing. No we can't control every event. But America remains to be one that indispensable nation and world affairs and as long as I'm president I intend to keep it that -- That's why -- working with a -- leaders. I proposed. A new defense strategy that -- -- we maintain. Finest military in the world while saving nearly half a trillion dollars and our budget. To say one step ahead of our adversaries. Authorities sent this congress legislation will secure our country. From the growing dangers of cyber threats. -- -- Our freedom indoors because the men and women in uniform who defendant. As they come home. We must serve them as well they've served us. That includes giving them the care and the benefits they have earned which is why we increase. Annual BA spending. Every year I've been -- And that means enlisting are veterans in the work. Of rebuilding our nation. With a bipartisan support of this congress. We're providing new tax credits to companies that hire -- Michelle and Joseph Biden have worked with American businesses to secure a pledge of a 135000. Jobs for veterans and their -- And tonight I'm proposing a veterans jobs court. -- help our communities hire veterans as cops and firefighters. So that America is as strong as those who defend him.

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{"id":15435261,"title":"Obama: U.S. Remains Indispensible in World Affairs","duration":"7:47","description":"President sites Arab Spring, Osama bin Laden death as major U.S. victories.","url":"/Politics/video/state-union-obama-us-remains-indispensible-world-affairs-15435261","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}