Netflix Neglects to Acquire @Qwikster Handle on Twitter

Netflix apparently forgot to check for one very important thing when it announced naming its DVD-rental business “ Qwikster“: it didn’t check on the Twitter name rights.

The company never acquired the @Qwikster handle on Twitter. It is currently being used by a man named Jason Castillo, whose profile picture is a graphic of the Muppet Elmo smoking what appears to be a joint.

This afternoon he tweeted, “Dayum over 3120 follower just cuz some ppl wanna buy my handle 3 ppl have asked but idk [I don't know] who to trust.”

Castillo apparently likes sports, but isn’t really focused on studying, according to his tweets: “english about boring as sh** tryin to go to soccer already,” says one.

He also appears to be distracted by the number of attractive young women surrounding him, as another tweet notes the proximity of ”so manny cute a** gurl(s).” [sic]

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced earlier today that the company is splitting its two services, keeping the streaming service as Netflix and calling its mail order plan the aforementioned ”Qwikster.” In a few weeks, Netflix subscribers who want to continue getting DVDs by mail will have to go to a separate website.