Steve Wozniak Gets on Line for His iPhone 4S

Steve Wozniak in Los Gatos, Calif. KGO-TV

Of all the people on Earth, Steve Wozniak is probably the one who least needs to wait for the new iPhone 4S. He did, after all, start Apple with his childhood friend Steve Jobs. But there he was, looking like anyone else on line (that’s on line, not online) outside the Apple store in Los Gatos, Calif.

“I’m first in line,” he said on Twitter. “The guy ahead was on the wrong side and he’s pissed.”

It’s mesmerizing to watch the video as kids gather around him, some asking about the key to his success. Click on the video below, or watch a longer version posted by our San Francisco station, KGO-TV.

“Every measure of intelligence is how well you did on tests,” he said to one young man. “That means, how well did you know the same answer that everyone else in the class knew? There’s only one right answer, and that answer isn’t yours.

“Really, really, very few brilliant people realize, ‘I should think for myself, and start asking questions about things, and start trying to figure out things that are not necessarily the things that are in books.”

He said he wished he were still in high school, free to wonder how to write apps for smartphones instead of partying and getting drunk. Don’t waste time, he urged the teenagers who gathered around him. Start a company.

The lines at Apple stores have been spectacles — well-organized, perhaps, but spectacles nonetheless. Wozniak said that was what’s attracted him to Apple’s major product rollouts.

“It made me think of when I was in college, waiting overnight to get tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Winterland. All night long, we’d stay up. So I’ve done it for all these events, even though I don’t have to.”