Watch the Skies: Strange Object Crashes Through Mass. Roof

A mysterious object fell from the sky yesterday, crashing through the roof of  Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors in Plymouth, Mass., leaving a small hole in the roof and scattering debris throughout a closet, but otherwise leaving workers unharmed.

The cylindrical hunk of metal was about six inches long and weighed roughly five pounds. It crashed through the roof, either Wednesday or Thursday according to local authorities.

The origins of the object are currently unknown, Captain John Rogers admitted that he could “only speculate” saying simply “It’s a mystery.”

FAA inspectors have determined that it is not an airplane part, saying that it most likely came from a piece of heavy machinery, possibly a wood chipper. However, the object would have had to fall from an incredible height to gain enough speed to cause such damage.

The Plymouth Police Department has received an offer to have the object analyzed, but for now the puzzle remains unsolved. In the meantime, Captain Rogers is open to all possibilities, when asked if the object could have come from space he responded, “It’s not out of the question.”