Facebook Support Dashboard Provides More Information about Reported Content

Image credit: Facebook

Facebook isn't only beefing up security this week, it's also becoming a bit more transparent. Today the company is rolling out a new Support Dashboard, allowing users to see the exact status of filed reports.

Now when you report a photo or someone's account  - one that you believe violates Facebook's community standards - you will be able to go into the Support Dashboard and see if that report has been received, reviewed, and what action the Facebook User Operations team ultimately took. It will also alert you when that decision has been made.

"We are always looking for ways to make reporting easier and more transparent for the people who use Facebook. Through these vital reports, people help us effectively take down content that is against our policies," Facebook's Product Manager for Support Engineering and Site Integrity, Terry Guo, told ABC News. "The hope is that the Support Dashboard will provide greater clarity and accountability to our processes."

Guo also said that even if a reported piece of content isn't removed, users have the option to message, unfriend, or block the person who posted the content.

Facebook is certainly making an effort to be more transparent. However, it still doesn't disclose much about the actual process that is taken by its team to determine if content violates its community standards. When a photo of a child with Down Syndrome was removed from Facebook earlier this week, the social networking giant admitted it was an error, but wouldn't disclose if it was a human or computer glitch.

Facebook says the Support Dashboard should be rolling out today. It will be located in users' Account Settings menu.