T-Mobile's Spokeswoman Gets an Edgy Makeover

(Image credit: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile's chipper magenta-clad spokeswoman is getting a makeover. Carly is trading in her girly pink dresses for a leather bodysuit and a Ducati motorcycle.

The full ad, released today, shows Carly opening a closet filled with variations on her signature pink dress and tossing several to the ground in frustration. Then, a series of close-ups show Carly zipping up a black leather suit - with magenta accents, of course.

Elevator doors open to reveal her in a full bodysuit with a black and pink motorcycle helmet propped on her hip and a matching motorcycle waiting for her. She hops onto the 1000 cc Ducati superbike as the message "No More Mr. Nice Girl" appears on the screen and she hits the road.

"The makeover from the girl-next-door to an edgier, more tech-savvy and spirited Carly is synonymous with the evolution of the T-Mobile brand as we continue to push the envelope with device and service innovation to deliver amazing 4G experiences at an affordable price," T-Mobile senior vice president of brand, advertising and communications Peter DeLuca wrote in a blog post.

The ad campaign in called "Alter Ego" and the video is the first of a series of ads that will be rolled out over the next few months leading up to the brand's re-launch in the fall.