Game Review: 'Sorcery' for PlayStation 3

Sorcery (Credit: The Workshop)

"Sorcery" is finally here, and after years of anticipation PS3 fans finally get a game that shows off what the PlayStation Move controller can do. The game takes five to six hours to play - disappointingly short, but still, "Sorcery" is a beautiful game and exceptional fun.

Players control Finn, a young sorcerer's apprentice with a knack for getting into trouble. While his master is away, Finn takes a coveted magic wand and soon learns he is a natural at casting spells.  Egged on by his talking cat Erline, Finn sets out on an adventure that will lead to the ultimate standoff with The Nightmare Queen, fighting for all mankind.

Using the motion controller is pretty intuitive.  As in most games of this nature, you have an opening mission which not only serves as the jumping off point to the story, but also acts as a tutorial on how to use the basic skills needed throughout the game.

Mend Bridges with the Stroke of the Wand (Credit: The Workshop)

Finn's newly acquired wand is multifunctional. With a flick of the wrist, players can shoot out magic to vanquish enemies or blow up nearby objects. If an object can be manipulated by magic, it will have a blue aura around it. Using simple motions, Finn can move heavy boulders from his path, solve puzzles to unlock doors, and mend fallen bridges to continue on his journey.

Enemies may be on cliffs or even around pillars, requiring players to aim specifically for whatever they want to defeat.  At times when there are several monsters shooting at you at once, it gets a little heated, but I found a little practice is all you need to shore up your accuracy.

While on his journey, Finn can collect magical items that, when combined, create powerful new spells for him to use.  Ground quakes, freezing enemies, and building walls of fire are only a few of the many spells players can create during the adventure.

It's the little details in the game that I found exceptionally fun. If Finn's health is low, all you need to do is press the square button to activate a healing potion, shake the wand, and then mimic a drinking action with the wand. It's cute, different, and adds a little more to the game play.

Boulders Are No Match For Finn's Magic (Credit: The Workshop)

If you're looking for a more complicated adventure, you ought to look elsewhere. Even at its toughest, "Sorcery" is rather easy. To tell you the truth though, I didn't mind. I went in knowing the game wouldn't be a mass of puzzles and combat. It doesn't have to be. The puzzles are interesting enough and the combat is varied enough that it all works together really well. It's a game I can play and just enjoy, without having the need to throw the controller at something.

"Sorcery" takes place in five unique realms, each beautifully brought to life by its developer, The Workshop. The game can be easy and is certainly short, but after years of anticipation, I was happy with what I got. Usually this is the time where I say the game is more suited to kids, but I have to admit I had a big smile on my face while playing. Gamers of all ages will find it fun and entertaining.