VIDEO: Annular Solar Eclipse Shot by California Teacher

This time-lapse video of an annular solar eclipse was shot Sunday by Cory Poole, a 33-year-old physics and math teacher from Redding, Calif., who has  an interest in science and astronomy.

"Once I found out that the path of the annular eclipse went directly through my hometown, I knew I had to figure out how to record it," he said today. "The eclipse itself was an amazing experience. Seeing pictures and video doesn't do it justice."

Poole told ABC News in an email that he'd researched solar telescopes and found that with a certain type of solar filter, a photographer could see prominences - "those little flame-like things protruding from the sun" - as well as granulation and detail on the surface.

He said that after searching on YouTube for similar eclipses and coming up with nothing, he decided to give it a try.

"There's something magical about seeing it with your own eyes," he said today.

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