Facebook Adds Same-Sex Marriage Status and Icons

(Image Credit: Facebook)

Operating systems and tech services seem to be getting more LGBT friendly by the day. On the heels of Apple's adding same-sex emoticons to its iOS 6 operating system, Facebook has added a same-sex marriage status.

Facebook Sunday evening rolled out a new feature, which allows users to indicate whether they have married someone of the same sex; users' Timelines will now show a same-sex marriage icon.

The wedding announcement of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes was one of the first uses of the icon. More than 2,500 users have since "liked" the status, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has consistently been recognized as an LGBT-friendly company and service. "This move is the latest in a series of measures Facebook has taken to support and include the LGBT community, which earned it the distinction of being the first social media company to receive a GLAAD Media Award earlier this year," the media-monitoring organization said in a statement.