Unbaby.Me: Swap Out Facebook Baby Photos

Image Credit: Unbaby.Me

There are two types of Facebook users: the ones who love (or don't mind) seeing photos of their friends' children dominate their Newsfeed and the ones who hate seeing the photos of their friends' children dominate their Newsfeed.

If you fall into that second camp there is now a solution. Yes, you can now de-baby your Facebook Newsfeed.

It's called Unbaby.me, and it is an extension for Chrome browsers. Grab the extension here, install it via the Chrome store, and it will automatically sub in a photo of a cat when it sees a post or photo of a baby.

The extension searches for statuses with a number of words, including "so adorable," "so cute," "is precious," "cutest baby ever," newborn," etc. You can also add other terms to the already-long list, including the name of your friend's baby, and substitute the cat photos for photos of something else, say a photo of a juicy piece of bacon or Justin Bieber. (The photos are pulled from Instagram feeds.)

And it all works as promised. Cats replaced photos of babies in our Newsfeed instantly and the status was changed to "baby removed."

The program is the brainchild of Chris Baker and his friends. "It's just a side project. Me, my friend Pete, and our friend Yvonne, were just hanging and we got on the topic of how bad Facebook has become," Baker told ABC News. "We had reached the age where everyone has a tiny human; we knew something had to be done."

While Baker, who works fulltime as a copywriter, and his small team still see Unbaby.me as a side project they have released the source code to allow others to develop the extension and make more blockers.

"Motivational quotes. That's another annoying one on Facebook, maybe one guy can take that and do something about it."