Share Your New Year's Resolution on Google's Interactive Resolution Map

Credit: Google

We've told you about the best apps to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions and even suggested some good tech-based resolutions; now Google offers a digital tool to make your resolutions a little more public.

Its Interactive Resolution Map allows you to input your New Year's resolution, ZIP code and the category your resolution falls into (love, health, career, finance, etc.) and then see it on a world map. Your resolution will pop along with others from around the globe.

You can mouse over the dots on the map and see more information about the resolutions in those areas, or just sit back and watch others pop up. Google translates the different resolutions on the fly; you can choose the language in which you would like to see them.

"Research shows that you're more likely to achieve your resolutions if you write them down and have support," Google's Liz Wessel wrote on the Google Official Blog. "Try sharing your goals with communities around you. When you're ready to share your new year's ambition with the world, or if you're interested in seeing what resolutions look like around the globe, add it to the interactive resolution map on our 2012 Zeitgeist website."

Even if you aren't planning to share your own, you might just want to spend a few minutes watching the map. One person in Japan wants to "work three times faster"; another in the Midwest wants to "do more epic things." There's someone in Michigan who wants to "make a 'Call Me Maybe' video."

You see? Making your resolution public can be more than just personally inspirational.