Sony PlayStation 4 Announcement Expected Today

Sony is teasing big PlayStation news to be announced this evening. Image: PlayStation/Sony

Sony is amping up their consumer base as they prepare to unveil "the future" of Playstation at a 6 p.m. EST press conference in New York City. If the advertising campaign leading up to the announcement is any indicator, we're due for a fourth home console to be unveiled tonight.

The focus of Sony's marketing so far has been nostalgia, with video retrospectives on the Playstation brand posted to YouTube over the last week that have already seen about half a million views apiece.

Video: Sony's chronicling of the Playstation's original launch and ascent to popularity, complete with a few of those commercials with a megaphone-toting Crash Bandicoot from 1995.

Video: Sony looks back at the PlayStation 2, the best-selling home video game console of all time with 153.6 million units sold. Sony hasn't announced a new PlayStation since the PlayStation 3 launched in 2006.

Video: Sony completes its look at PlayStation's evolution thus-far with a PlayStation 3 retrospective.

Sony's nostalgic look back seems to be working, #PlaystationMemory trended globally on Twitter this morning and #PlayStationMemories trended nationally into the afternoon, inspiring tweets both wistful and snarky from gamers, developers and parody accounts.

The tweet below is a parody account.

Are you nostalgic for PlayStation days of yore? Will you miss the PS3 or are you ready for something new? Let us know.