State of Union: Twitter Buzzes About Joe Biden's Glasses and Eye

Image credit: Pool/ABC News

Sure, President Obama spoke for more than an hour during the 2013 State of the Union address about important issues like gun violence, manufacturing, job creation and education, to name a few. But on Twitter some were a little bit more preoccupied with what the vice president was doing - playing with his glasses.

Joe Biden, who was wearing glasses after scratching his eye with a contact lens, took his spectacles on and off more than a few times during the speech, causing the Internet to go on and off about, well, just that.

Of course it didn't take long for the GIF-ninjas at Buzzfeed to whip this up:

Some even made fun of the rose-colored glasses and started a petition to get the Veep a more stylish pair of Warby Parkers.

And in the new age of six-second video Vines, @TheDCVince made this:

And like any good viral joke, the night ended with Biden's glasses getting a Twitter account of its own.

We hope your eye feels better, Joe. And if makes you feel any better, they're making fun of Boehner's boogers too.