Forget Typing, Google Says Search Is Going to Be Like 'Star Trek'

Credit: Joanna Stern / ABC News

AUSTIN, Texas - In the future, the experience of searching the web is going to be like something out of "Star Trek." Or at least, that's what Google's vision is.

"The destiny of search is to become that 'Star Trek' computer and that's what we are building," Google's Search Head Amit Singhal said at SXSW Interactive this morning. Singhal shared that computers will know what people want and users won't have to type their queries into a small box on a clean white page.

"You can walk up to a computer and say, hey, computer," Singhal explained.

Of course, that is dependent on other technologies, including improved voice control, touch and sensory tech, he said. Singhal told ABC News something similar a few months ago.

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Google's already started showing that sort of capability with its Glass. One of the main ways of controlling the glasses, which project digital information over your eyes, is through voice.

"OK, Glass. Google Jellyfish," a woman says to her glasses in a teaser video released last month. The results appear right in front of her eyes.

On Saturday, Google showed off what it calls "Talking Sneakers," shoes the company says will motivate you to move more. While Google says they won't be bringing them to market, the shoes pair with a phone and out of the speaker in the top of the shoe they speak to you.

"These are some of the best times in search," Singhal said. "All the technology is coming together: speak recognition, knowledge graph, natural language understanding - there are new devices coming out, so when you marry all this, tomorrow is looking bright."