Microsoft's 'Switch to Windows Phone' App in Google Play Store

Image credit: Google Play

Been thinking about giving up your Android phone for a Microsoft Windows Phone? Well, there's now an app for that. An app called "Switch to Windows Phone" popped up in the Google Play store on Wednesday. The publisher? Microsoft Corporation.

Yes. It's an official Windows Phone evangelism app for Android.

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The app description reads, "Are you thinking about switching to Windows Phone and want a convenient way to migrate your app experiences over? Look no further, Windows Phone has an app for that!"

Android users who happen to be curious about "the other side" can install this app and it will report what portion of their device's Android apps are available as "Windows Phone equivalents." The app then prompts the user to sign in with a Windows account to save the list to the cloud.

The full list of apps can be retrieved by logging in with the same account on a Windows Phone, but can't be viewed in the Android app. While Microsoft has beefed up its app catalog, it still doesn't have key Android and iPhone apps like Instagram and Google Maps.

The "Switch to Windows Phone" Android app has surfaced in the same week that Microsoft launched a new ad spoofing Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone users. While the two leaders battle it out, though, Microsoft's Windows phone continues to vie for market share. Android holds 70.1 percent of the market, Apple's iPhone 21 percent, and Microsoft's Windows phone is down at 2.6 percent, according to analyst firm IDC's latest numbers.

Despite the fact that feisty Android fans have knocked the rating of the app down to 1.5 stars, the concept sounds like it would be helpful for anyone looking to make the operating system jump. Apple's App Store, however, doesn't have a similar app from Microsoft. Microsoft did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment on the iPhone app availability.