Toddler Reviews Google Glass: Almost as Good as Apple Juice

Image credit: Chris Angelini

We've seen Michele Bachmann and a half-naked blogger wear Google Glass over the last couple of weeks.

But those images don't exactly warm your heart. But a two-year-old with the connected glasses on? That might be one of the cutest things you see on the Internet this week.

Chris Angelini, a writer and editor at tech site Tom's Hardware, decided to put the glasses on his two-year-old son, Lucas. The result is an adorable video of Lucas telling people to "Look at my cool glasses!" Lucas only wears the glasses for 2 minutes and 42 seconds in the video, but that's long enough for him to document the experience of getting some watered-down apple juice, show off his Lego collection and play catch with his dad.

It's long enough for him to point out some of the bad things about Glass too. The video, shot in a low-light room, is hard to see at times, and at the end he screams, "They're hot!" It's true, the glasses do get fairly warm on the right side after shooting more than a minute of video or providing GPS navigation.

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The video is extremely cute, but it has also inspired some thoughtful comments from its 100,000-plus viewers, many of whom point out that Lucas's generation will grow up with this new wearable technology. Google, however, does say that the glasses shouldn't be worn by anyone younger than 13 since it could harm developing vision. Angelini, 33, said he doesn't plan on allowing his son to wear the glasses at length and that when they were on, he made sure the boy was looking around and not at the small display.

But Angelini himself plans to wear them a lot and take lots of footage of his son. "As a dad, you don't have to be passive in the child-rearing process. It allows you to be so much more active," Angelini told ABC News. "People are trying to record every minute but they aren't in the moment, that's the killer app for Glass - being able to participate more in what he is doing."