Father's Day Gift Guide: Cool Tech Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is Sunday, June 16, and it's time to get shopping. Before you reach for yet another tie or polo shirt, here are some tech-y suggestions that will put you in Dad's good graces.

A sample kit from DollarShaveClub.com

DollarShaveClub.com - Buying razors is kinda like buying toothbrushes: you know you should replace them every couple of months, but instead you make do with the one you have . . . for months on end. DollarShaveClub.com is a subscription service that takes care of the hassle by shipping new razors to Dad every month. Razors come equipped with stainless steel blades, lubrication strips and a pivoting head. Members choose from a standard two-blade, four-blade or six-blade razor and can add on extras like shave butter and baby wipes. Save Dad the trouble (and money) of going to the drugstore each month. ($3 - $9/month, DollarShaveClub.com)

The "King of the Grill" Sesame gift box

Sesame Gift Sets - The Sesame Gifts app makes putting together gift packages a breeze. Order from a variety of "experience" gift boxes that include a personalized greeting card and various hand-picked products. The King of the Grill box is a great choice if your dad loves to BBQ. It includes an Oxo Good Grips silicone oven mitt, specialty mustards, sauces and meat rubs, plus wood grilling planks and more. There's also the Cocktail Hour box, which includes a cocktail shaker and recipe card deck. Perfect for those who don't have time to shop, but want to put together a thoughtful selection of items for Dad. ($10 - 50, SesameGifts.com)

Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control - The Harmony Ultimate remote control lives up to its name and makes a great (albeit expensive) addition to Dad's man cave. Control up to 15 home entertainment devices and customize the touchscreen with up to 50 of Dad's favorite channels. Family members can also sync their iPhone or Android phone and use them as additional remotes. ($350, Logitech)

CooKoo Watch - CooKoo is a smartwatch that alerts wearers to incoming and missed calls, texts, Twitter mentions and much more. For forgetful dads, it sends calendar reminders about upcoming appointments and alerts them if they've left their iPhone behind. It can even be used as a remote control for Dad's iPhone camera, so that he can set up the phone and take pictures from across the room. ($64.50, AT&T)

Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion - This handy switch allows Dad to plug in any appliance and control it via his smartphone. Dad can set timers for things like the coffeemaker, air conditioner or lamp and turn them on or off when he's away from home. If he likes to tinker, the "if this, then that" commands can be set up for virtually anything around the house. For instance, if it's above 80 degrees outside, then the sprinkler system can be set to automatically turn on. The WeMo Switch can also be paired with the "Motion" motion detector. Set up commands so that the lights automatically turn on when Dad arrives home. Or have a text sent to him if the motion detector senses movement in the house while he's travelling. The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving Dad the gift of an automated home. ($50 - $80, Belkin)

R/C Cooler - A remote-controlled beverage cooler! The R/C Cooler holds up to 12 drinks at a time and is super fun to use. Load it up with Dad's favorite beer before the big game and hand him the user-friendly remote. It's unlikely he'll ever get out of that Lay-Z-Boy again. ($80, Sharper Image)