On Twitter, Vine Surpasses Instagram

Image credit: dpa/Newscom

Although it launched only five months ago, the mobile-video application Vine is quickly becoming more popular than its photo-sharing counterpart Instagram - at least in the Twitter sphere.

On June 7, four days after Android released a version of Vine, Topsy Analytics, a San Francisco company that gathers and analyzes tweets, reported that the six-second video application had garnered 2.86 million shares on Twitter. This number of Twitter shares surpassed those of Instagram, which had roughly 2.17 million shares.

Vine also surpassed Instagram in user downloads on Google play today. Vine was the fourth most downloaded application in Google play, preceded only by Facebook, Candy Crush Saga and Pandora. Instagram was fifth.

Instagram, which Facebook bought for $1 billion last April, also reworked its Twitter features last December, making its photos less compatible with the social media platform. With the change, users can no longer view Instagram photos directly from Twitter and are instead directed to the Instagram website. Vines, however, play directly on Twitter.

Vine, which is owned by Twitter, had more than 13 million users before it launched a version for Android, and became Apple's most popular application in April. Currently, it is the second most popular free application in the iPhone App Store; as of today, Instagram was number 19. A Twitter spokesperson said the company had not released information about the number of new users since Vine became available on Android phones.

Instagram did not return immediate requests from ABC News for comment.