Twitter Testing Tweet Translation Tool

Credit: Twitter

Wondering what Real Madrid player @ Sergio Ramos has been tweeting in his native tongue since he missed the big penalty shot? Or what German paper @DerSPIEGEL has been reporting? Twitter is now making a little bit easier for some with a translation tool.

The social network has incorporated a translate button into its website, though only for select users. Click on the tweet's own page and you will now see a small translate button underneath it. The translation tool is powered by Microsoft's Bing translation service.

Twitter hasn't officially announced the feature, which was first reported by All Things D, but the feature is said to be rolling out slowly in select markets and with translation features for only select languages. Twitter also incorporated the translate feature in the Windows Phone Twitter app last week.

"To make it easier for people around the world to connect with each other, we are beginning to experiment with Tweet text translation," a Twitter spokesperson told ABC News. ABC News was able to independently confirm that the feature is working on Spanish, Italian and German language tweets.

The Bing integration is another recent win for Microsoft's search engine. Beyond Microsoft's large Bing marketing and TV commercial push, Apple has changed Bing to the default search engine in iOS 7 when you search using Siri. The search engine is also the default search engine on