PopNod Turns Cash Back Into Charitable Donations

App Name: PopNod

Available Platforms: Desktop

Price: Free

What does this app do?: Shoppers spent $9.74 billion in stores as they hunted those post-turkey deals during Black Friday, according to research firm ShopperTrak. And industry research predicts Americans will spend $1.8 billion on Cyber Monday. Now, there's something called #GiveBackTuesday, a day in which consumers can give back and celebrate charitable activities in the spirit of the holiday season, a perfect opportunity for consumers who might, after all of the deal-hunting, bargain-saving, and door-busting promotions, like to put some of their hard-earned dollars toward a good cause.

For the consumer who may be looking for a way to combine online shopping with charitable giving, PopNod may be an easy solution. The site provides shoppers with access to a variety of popular stores, including big brands like Nordstrom as well as small boutiques, while facilitating the donation process. Designed to make giving back a simple, seamless process, PopNod is a crowd funding site that provides shoppers with a chance to turn cash back savings into donations to over 93 of charitable organizations. Once you sign up on the site, select a store, start shopping, and PopNod will reward you with cash back. Users can then donate all or a portion of their cash back rewards to a cause of their choice.

Typically, users see cash back credits within a few days, according to PopNod's website, and the company automatically sends payments through Paypal or an Amazon eCertificate every three months once those credits exceed $10.

Is it easy to install?: Yes, simply sign up on the website, select the "Shop" tab to browse stores, and click the "Support a Cause" button to view the charitable organizations to which you can make a donation.

Should I try it?: Popnod's goal is to make donating automatic and routine allowing users to make smaller contributions that add up over time, according to its website. Working with over 250 stores and 93 charitable organizations, PopNod creates and effortless way in which to give.