Mark Zuckerberg Turns to Jelly After Finding Spider in His Bathroom

A scary-looking spider caused Mark Zuckerberg to turn to Jelly, the new question and answer app created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

"What kind of spider is this, and is it okay to let it keep living in my shower?" Zuckerberg posted on the app over the weekend, along with a photo of the black and red spider perched on what appeared to be a toiletry bottle.

(Image Credit: Jelly)

The app allows users to take a picture and post it along with a question. The queries can be seen by a user's extended social network, who have the opportunity to share their expertise.

Nine minutes later, Kevin Thau, Jelly's chief operating officer, had an answer for Zuckerberg.

"I think it's a Phidippus johnsoni. Probably want to relocate it out of the house," he wrote and passed along a link to a Wikipedia page about the spider, which turns out isn't as venomous as the similar looking redback spider.

Stone tweeted a screen shot of the exchange and heralded it as the first life saved thanks to Jelly.