Tech Trends for 2014: What to Expect

What new technology will change our lives in 2014 and what new technology is totally impractical hype? " Good Morning America" contributor Becky Worley, a self-described "soccer mom tech reporter," enlisted the help of Nick Bilton, a New York Times tech columnist and best-selling author of "Hatching Twitter," for his "hipster" take on what the tech cards hold in the year ahead. See their expert analysis of what's coming and what's far-fetched for 2014.

1. Drones Delivering Your Online Purchases

Credit: Amazon

We could be one step closer to having the packages we order online dropped off by drones. Just weeks after Amazon's CEO revealed plans for drone deliveries, the FAA announced six locations across the country where testing would be conducted. Click here for more.

Bilton's Take: "It seems really, really exciting. The idea that you'll actually be able to have something delivered to your house in 30 minutes with a flying drone."

Becky's Take: "I've got the 11 th birthday party that the kids are attending this month. I forgot to get a present and a drone can deliver it here in 30 minutes? YES! It might take a while to get the price down, but when it's affordable, bring on the octo-copters!"

2. Wearable Technology: Google Glass, Smartwatches

Credit: Google

Bilton's Take: With Google Glass, "you don't have to pull your phone out. It's just fascinating," he said. "You can take pictures with a camera above your eye. You can't even come up with this stuff."

Becky's Take on Google Glass: "Google Glass is kind of creepy. Also, a little rude like someone checking their phone when you're having a conversation. But then again, if they can help me remember someone's name at a party. Yes!

Click here for more on Google Glass and Smartwatch predictions.

Becky's Take on Smartwatches for Kids: "I am interested in wearable technology for kids. These are communicator watches [for kids]," she said. With AT&T FiLIP smartwatches, you can track where the kids are from your phone and then communicate when it's time to come home." Features include two-way voice calling to talk or direct message with kids at any time.

3. Health and Fitness Monitoring Devices (You've heard about the FitBit and the NikeFuel band. Click here for more details on fitness bracelets.)

Credit: Fitbit

Bilton's Take: "I think that there's a big promise with this to make people feel healthier and these technologies are there to try to push people along," he said.

Becky's Take: Whether they monitor how many calories you've consumed, track your sleep or your blood alcohol level, it's all valuable information!

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4. 3-D Printing

Bilton's Take: "You can print all different types of objects with these things now. You can print ceramics. You can actually make cups and plates and saucers."

Becky's Take: "3-D printers are cool, but I am just not sure there are enough uses for them yet to justify having one in the phone. When they can print dinner, then I'm in!"

Printing Keychains and Shower Heads: 3-D Printing Goes Beyond the Lab