Google Glass Snatched Right Off a User's Face

Even in a tech-friendly city such as San Francisco, Google Glass may not always get a warm reception. Sarah Slocum was wearing the device inside Molotov's, a bar in the Lower Haight neighborhood, when one of the bar patrons grabbed it and ran out, police said.

"She had gotten into a verbal altercation with three subjects because they believed she was recording with her Google Glasses," said a spokesman for the San Francisco Police Department said of the incident on Saturday. "That verbal altercation escalated when one grabbed the Google Glass off her face and took out the door running."

Slocum was able to retrieve her Glass after chasing after the suspect, police said, but found that her purse had been stolen when she returned to the bar. She wrote about the incident on Facebook and also posted a video to YouTube. She did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for an interview.

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This isn't Google Glass' first brush with the law. One user was written up by the California Highway Patrol for wearing Glass while speeding, though she was later found not guilty. In addition, another early adopter used Glass to record an arrest in progress.