Facebook Button Lets You Ask Friends About Their Love Lives

(Image Credit: Facebook)

As if it wasn't enough to field questions about why you're still single or how that divorce is going, there's now a simple button on Facebook that will do the dirty work.

With one click and a quick note, users can query friends about the status of their love lives if they've chosen to not list that information on their profile.

Go ahead and rub it in.

Meddling Aunt Marge or your high school arch-nemesis can now click "ask" on the relationship status field of your profile, if you've chosen to not list anything.

The nosy friend is then prompted to enter a short message before sending the request.

The recipient will then see a relationship status request and the note from their friend. Users are given the option to choose a status, such as "single," "widowed" or "It's Complicated," before choosing to reply only to their friend or going public with their status.

The "ask" button was implemented on Facebook a few months ago for things like favorite television shows or your phone number. A Facebook spokesperson told ABC News the company only recently decided to test it in the love department.

"This feature provides an easy way for friends to ask you for information that's not already on your profile," a Facebook spokesperson said.

But one answer not available on the new feature is: "None of your business."