Vine Can Now Measure Your Addiction to Looping Video

(Image Credit: Vine)

Vine, the six-second looping video platform owned by Twitter, has figured out a way to let you know if your videos are "popular and interesting."

Or, conversely, if you have the (understandable) habit of being mesmerized by looping videos, like Norman, the dog that can ride a scooter like a human.

Starting today, a loop counter will be added to all Vines, allowing people to see how many times a video has been looped, no matter where it is embedded online.

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Loop counts won't impact Vine's "popular now" section, however users will be able to see just how transfixing a Vine truly is by checking out the loop counts in the iOS and Android apps as well as an

Vine said in a blog post it has been tracking loop counts since April 3. However, with the metrics being introduced today, some popular videos may have a "+" symbol next to it, meaning that there are likely more loops than listed.

Now, if only there was a way we could find out how much time we've spent watching those crazy World Cup GIFS again and again.