The Simpler Way to Unsubscribe From Email Lists

(Image Credit: Google)

Google unveiled a new link at the top of Gmail messages today that makes it easier for users to unsubscribe from email lists.

There's nothing worse than having an inbox full of clutter and then having to scroll to the bottom of a message to find a way to unsubscribe .

No matter the mailing list, Google is making it simple by providing a uniform unsubscribe link at the top right of every message.

One click of the button will unsubscribe you right away, depending on the sender, or will take you to the right place to finish removing yourself from the mailing list.

Google said the new option is "easy to find is a win for everyone."

Marketers win because their emails are more likely to be seen, instead of being directed to the spam folder. Users win because they have an easier way to opt out.

Happy unsubscribing!