March Heat Wave Covers Two-Thirds of the Country

Sam Champion on the record-high temperatures that could make for a long summer.
1:57 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for March Heat Wave Covers Two-Thirds of the Country
Let's get right to the record heat right now the warming temperatures affecting almost two thirds of the country and -- -- right -- there. So -- Santa tracking it all good morning hey good morning Robin and George gather weather talk is not no longer idle chatter deadly headlines at this point. Folks it is sixty degrees in Times Square right now. The normal high temperature is 49 degrees were going to 72 and it's not just a one area problem it's across the country take a look at some of the pictures that we've been getting from all across the the nation. You've got flowers and trees blooming early and a good part of the nation and folks have been sitting as those that video and those pictures and all day long yesterday -- anywhere from Texas we've got early blooming we've got -- going on in southern. Tennessee as well we've added all the way to the Great Lakes this may be a period of time where we. Have early melting all across the Great Lakes and the earliest no ice on the Great Lakes more than 100 record high temperatures set yesterday and today. There will be more but if you want a bigger number more than it. 1000 record high temperatures set since we started march. So Robin George we will have all of America's weather coming up but expect to eat out -- this and the discussion is headline news on. In 1000. Record high temperatures.

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{"id":15917023,"title":"March Heat Wave Covers Two-Thirds of the Country","duration":"1:57","description":"Sam Champion on the record-high temperatures that could make for a long summer.","url":"/GMA/video/march-heat-wave-covers-thirds-country-15917023","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}