Blagojevich: 'I Will Fight', Won't Resign
Defiant Illinois Governor says he is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing.
No Blagojevich Resignation, 'At Least Not Today,' As AG Asks Court to Declare Him 'Unfit to Serve'
Rahm Emanuel's office says a report that he is not a target is accurate.
Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal
Obama's chief of staff delayed going to work because of media stakeout.
Just Another Day at the Governor's Office
Blagojevich back at work again.
Feds Put Off Questioning Jesse Jackson Jr.
Congressman says his supporters weren't "authorized" to talk to the Blagojevich.
Blagojevich Confidant Turned Informant
How a top advisor turned on Blagojevich.
Rev. Jackson: I Played No Role in Blagojevich Scandal, Not an 'Emissary'
Congressman's father says he's not targeted in probe of senate-for-sale scheme.
Blagojevich's Promise to Mom: 'I'll Never Take Bribes'
2006 DNC Video: 'Not only would that be dishonest, it would be illegal.'
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Is 'Senate Candidate No. 5', Says He Did Nothing Wrong
Chicago Rep. says will cooperate fully with the Blagojevich investigation.
Blago Deputy Resigns Amid Arrests
Greenlee appears to be aide caught on tape talking about ousting editor.
PAPER CUTS: Did Chicago Tribune Owner Cut Deal to Fire His Editor?
Feds say Blagojevich proposed deal to fire key editorial staff.
FBI: Illinois Governor Sought To "Sell" Obama's Senate Seat
Wanted President-elect to "put something together . . . something big."
Mahoney Backs Out of Debate
Embroiled in scandal, Congressman ducks further media scrutiny.
Democrats Pull TV Money From Congressman in Sex Scandal
Rep. Tim Mahoney still faces a possible grand jury investigation.
Congressman Mahoney Admits to Multiple Affairs
Florida representative says his behavior was 'disgraceful.'
Paper Rescinds Mahoney Endorsement
Calls for embattled Rep. to end campaign.
Did Mahoney Help Second Alleged Mistress Win Federal Grant?
Allegations of 2nd affair with Florida official who sought congressman's help.
FBI Reported to Begin Congressman Probe
Pursuing reports Mahoney paid hush money to alleged mistress.
Rep. Mahoney Takes 'Full Responsibility' But Doesn't Admit Affair
Congressman says he has violated no laws as ethics investigation begins.
Pelosi Calls for Investigation into Mahoney
Campaign media firm ends work for Florida Congressman after ABC News report.
Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress
Tim Mahoney was elected to remove the 'ethical cloud' of Rep. Mark Foley.
Client '9' Off the Hook: Spitzer Spared
Former NY Governor cleared of wrongdoing as "Client #9".
Spitzer Quits But Other Public Figure May Be Linked to Escort Ring
Spitzer resigned at a press conference in Manhattan.
State Police Internal Investigation: How Did Gov. Spitzer Slip Security Leash?
ABC News has learned Spitzer tried to push off security detail when out of town.
Spitzer Escort: Governor Was a Nice Guy, Good Tipper
Escort says Spitzer "didn't do anything that wasn't clean."
Netted in Vice Probe, Spitzer Tries to Lessen Sting
N.Y. Gov Eliot Spitzer's resignation could still come tomorrow.
It Wasn't the Sex; Suspicious $$ Transfers Led to Spitzer
Officials say Spitzer is "Client 9" in a complaint against a prostitution ring.
Is John Edwards Still Lying?
Former friend of Rielle Hunter says Edwards still not telling the whole truth.
Wolfson Says Edwards' Cover-Up Cost Clinton the Nomination
Aides say she would have won Iowa if Edwards affair was exposed.
Mistress' Family Challenges Edwards to Take DNA Test
Rielle Hunter reportedly refuses to participate in genetic testing.
Edwards Admits to Affair; Lied as Candidate
A "Nightline" Exclusive: Edwards says he cheated, but did not father child.
New Ethics Law Still Doesn't Stop Congressional Freebies
Rep. Lungren told ABC News, "We do a lot of business around pools."
Alleged Spitzer Trystmate: Can You Handle Me?
Here's a piece of irony too obvious not to note: the woman identified as New York governor Eliot Spitzer's favored prostitute...
Did 'Kristen' Post Pics on Modeling Site?
The 22-year-old Manhattan woman at the center of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal may have marketed herself on a...
Alleged "Emperor" Kingpin Had IRS Creds
The alleged leader of the prostitution ring that tripped up Eliot Spitzer is credentialed to represent clients before the...
Blagojevich: 'I Will Fight'
The Illinois governor says he has done nothing wrong.
Resignation Drum Beat
Barack Obama and others call for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign.
Blagojevich: The Day After
Jesse Jackson Jr. denies any involvement in probe of Gov.
Illinois Governor Arrested
Gov. Rod Blagojevich is taken into custody in a 'pay to play' political scandal.
Ill. Governor's Corruption Crime Spree
Gov. Blagojevich is charged with wire and mail fraud, and soliciting bribes.
Rep. Mahoney Admits to Multiple Affairs
Full interview: Congressman addresses affairs, the payout and a second term.
Who Is 'Kristen'?
Meet the 22-year-old linked to the scandal that brought down Spitzer.
Governorship Ends, Legal Battles Begin
Following his resignation, Eliot Spitzer could face federal charges.
Spitzer Pressured to Resign
Will the New York governor fight the prostitution case or take a plea deal?
Speculating Spitzer's Next Move
Will New York's Governor step down or hang tough amid a prostitution scandal?
Fallen Crusader
Investigation into prostitution ring exposes New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.
2008: John Edwards Admits Affair
Aug. 2008: John Edwards admits his affair with Rielle Hunter was a mistake.
Lawmakers Abuse Anti-Lobby Loophole
Members of Congress might still keep their perks.
Spitzer Exposed
The New York governor's demise captured in photos.