Exclusive: Family Demands Truth in Air Force F-22 Pilot's Death
Capt. Jeff Haney's F-22 Raptor shut off his oxygen in mid-flight.
Exclusive: Air Force Warned of Fatal F-22 Flaw
Dead pilot's sister tells ABC News the Air Force "let my brother die."
Exclusive: Panetta's F-22 Order Too Late to Save Pilot, Sister Says
F-22 pilot's sister says brother would still be alive if order given earlier.
F-22 Fighter Pilot's Wrongful Death Suit Settled
Defense contracting giants had been sued by widow over pilot's death.
F-22 Crash Widow Sues Lockheed for Wrongful Death
Widow claims U.S.'s best jet has "dangerous and defective life support systems."
Air Force Revises Story on F-22 Crash?
Top official says Air Force didn't blame oxygen-deprived pilot for Alaska crash.
Pentagon Reviews F-22 Fighter Crash Report
Fighter ace Capt. Jeff Haney killed in November 2011 crash after malfunction.
Air Force Blames Oxygen-Deprived Pilot in F-22 Crash
Capt. Jeff Haney was killed in a crash in November 2010.
Air Force Admits Wrong in Nixing F-22 Fighter Safety System
Docs show Air Force warned about deadly flaw with F-22 O2 system in 2000.
Air Force Statement for ABC News F-22 Investigation
As part of ABC News' investigation into the Air Force's handling of a fatal F-22 Raptor fighter jet crash that took the life...
Lockheed Awarded Millions to Make Own F-22 Raptor Jet Safer
Contractor gets $19M to install automatic backup oxygen system on troubled jet.
F-22 Fighter Pilots Battle 'Raptor Cough'
In addition to air scares, F-22 ground crews suffer "hypoxia-like symptoms."
Some F-22 Fighter Pilots Wary of Troubled Jets
"Very small" number of pilots ask to stay away from U.S. most expensive plane.
F-22 Fighter Ready for War Despite Mystery Problem: Air Force
At special briefing for F-22 issues, Air Force insists crashed pilot at fault.
F-22 Suffers More Apparent Oxygen Problems
Since grounding lift, 8 incidents of pilots suffering "hypoxia-like" symptoms.
Air Force Base Quietly Pauses F-22 Ops
Three problems in two weeks ground planes for a day for "review."
More F-22 Fighter Pilots Concerned About Their Safety, Congressmen Say
Lawmakers push for pilot protection as whistleblower numbers grow.
F-22 Whistleblowers 'Fully Protected'
Most expensive fighter at $420M each, F-22s experiencing mystery O2 problem.
McCain: Will F-22 Limits Affect Missions Abroad?
Defense official says limits will not have 'operational impact."
Report: F-22 'Even' With Euro Jet in Dogfights
F-22 Raptor dominated long-range fights, but "even" close up.