The Army Asks If Major Nidal Hasan Is Insane
Defense attorney says the Army is to probe alleged Fort Hood shooter's sanity.
Hasan Won't Plead Guilty, May Use Insanity Defense
Atty says Maj. Hasan may face additional charges, is paralyzed from chest down.
Defense Attorney: Hasan Is Paralyzed From the Chest Down
Galligan questions decision to hold hearing in accused shooter's hospital room.
Fort Hood: Hasan Asked Awlaki If It Was Okay to Kill American Soldiers
al-Qaeda recruiter mocks authorities; says accused shooter asked for guidance.
Hasan Permanently Paralyzed
Alleged Fort Hood shooter is able to use his hands.
Major Hasan Dined with 'Jihad Hobbyist'
Friend of accused shooter called himself "extremist," watched al-Qaeda videos.
Army Major Hasan Faces New Charges in Fort Hood Shootings
Psychiatrist charged with 32 counts of attempted murder, may plead insanity.
How Anwar Awlaki Got Away
Decision to cancel arrest warrant "shocked" terrorism investigators.
Pentagon Probe Leaders Visit Fort Hood to Begin Investigation
Alleged Shooter Army Major Nidal Hasan Remains Paralyzed in Hospital
'Can't Wait': Hasan's E-Mail About Afterlife
Official says accused shooter asked radical cleric when is jihad appropriate?
Pentagon, Senate Launch Fort Hood Investigations
Lieberman says his committee's investigation will be "preventive"
Hasan Was Worried About Results of Recent HIV Test
Investigators: Accused Ft. Hood Shooter Sent $30K to Islamic 'Charities.'
Accused Fort Hood Shooter Was a Regular at Shooting Range, Strip Club
Hasan also spent time with a Muslim convert who considered himself "extremist."
Muslim Leader: Anwar al Awlaki Admired by 'Gangster Youth' Including Toronto 18
Imam Contacted by Accused Fort Hood Shooter 'Equates America to the Big Satan'
Major Hasan: Soldier of Allah; Many Ties to Jihad Web Sites
Officials say accused Ft. Hood shooter used many e-mails for overseas contacts.
The Private Life of Nidal Hasan
Inside the alleged Ft. Hood shooter's apartment.
From Yemen, Anwar Awlaki Helped Inspire Fort Dix, Toronto Plots
Despite terror connections, e-mails with Major Hasan did not raise red flags.
Senior Official: More Hasan Ties to People Under Investigation by FBI
Alleged shooter had "unexplained connections" to others besides Awlaki.
Al Qaeda Recruiter New Focus in Fort Hood Killings Investigation
Army Major Nidal Hasan was in contact with Imam Anwar Awlaki, officials say.
FBI Agents Search Trash At Mosque Attended by Hasan
Agents seen pulling material from dumpster outside Killeen mosque.
Hasan Warned Army of "Adverse Events" if Muslims Not Released
Hasan described "religious conflicts that Muslims may have with current wars."
Officials: Army Told of Hasan's Contacts with al Qaeda
Major in Fort Hood killing used 'electronic means' to connect w/ terrorists
Officials: Major Hasan Sought 'War Crimes' Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers
Hasan took extra target practice, closed safety deposit box before shooting.
'Cop Killer' Gun Used In Ft. Hood Shooting, Officials Said
Suspected massacre weapon purchased legally at 'Guns Galore' shop in Texas.
Hasan's Pistol May Be Linked To 'Guns Galore' Shop in Texas
Feds tracking serial number, purchase record of suspected massacre weapon.
Nidal Malik Hasan, Suspected Fort Hood Shooter, Was Called "Camel Jockey"
Suspected gunman was harassed by others in military and wanted out, family said.
'War Crimes' Set Off Fort Hood Gunman
FBI says Maj. Hasan grew frustrated over his belief of Army harboring criminals.
Fort Hood Shooter Before the Massacre
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was a regular at a strip club and shooting range.
How Did the Fort Hood Killer Get a Gun?
Background check on Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan not shared.
Hasan Labeled Himself 'Soldier of Allah'
Investigators track down Fort Hood shooting suspect's al Qaeda contacts.
How Did Fort Hood Shooter Get the Gun?
Despite being under government scrutiny, the alleged shooter was able buy a gun.
Inside the Mind of Suspected Shooter Nidal Hasan
Brian Ross investigates possible missed signals leading to Fort Hood massacre.
Maj. Hasan Refuses to Speak to Police
The shooting suspect's past writings reveal his thoughts on Muslims in the Army.
Fort Hood Shooting Warning Signs
Could the Fort Hood massacre have been prevented?
Warning Sign: Hasan Reached Out to al Qaeda
Army knew suspected Fort Hood gunman had contact with al Qaeda recruiter.
Fort Hood Suspect's Ties to Terrorists
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan tried to make contact with people linked to al Qaeda.
What Turned Major Into Alleged Killer?
Brian Ross investigates what brought Maj. Nidal Hasan to allegedly open fire.
Who Is the Alleged Fort Hood Shooter?
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a psychiatrist who treated soldiers back from war.
Inside the Home of Nidal Hasan
Apartment manager John Thompson shows us around the suspected gunman's place.
Leader Wants to Rehabilitate 'Misguided' Youth
Muhammad Robert Heft explains appeal of Anwar al Awlaki.