Madoff Sleuth Warns of 3 New Ponzi Scams
Could it happen again? Failure of SEC allowed scam to prosper.
Exclusive: Madoff's Secret Plan to Destroy the Evidence
FBI agent says Madoff came close to shredding most damning files.
Life After Madoff: Ruth Living on $2.5M in Connecticut
A lonely figure, Rush Madoff never went through with Bernie divorce.
Madoff 'Doing Fine' in Prison Despite Heart Issues, Few Visitors
Inmate #61727054 makes friends with mafia boss, Israeli spy.
Diamonds and Gold: Bernie Madoff Jewelry Goes Up for Auction
U.S. Marshals to put up six pieces of jewelry once belonging to Madoff family.
Recovered Madoff Money Now Over $11 Billion; More Hidden Away?
Big win for bankruptcy lawyers also means big legal fees of $1 billion.
Feds Charge: The $50 BILLION Scam: One Man's Amazing Crime
"There is no innocent explanation," Madoff tells FBI.
Who Gets the Rest of Madoff's Money?
Bernie agrees to SEC proposal with potential civil fine and victim repayment.
Holder: Palm Beach Is Madoff 'Ground Zero'
In South Florida, Attorney General unveils effort to combat Ponzi schemes.
Bernard Madoff's Right Hand Man Pleads Guilty, Will Tell All
Frank DiPascali ordered by judge to be taken to jail.
Madoff Business Associate Found Dead
The well-respected fund manager appears to have committed suicide.
Bernard Madoff Sentenced to Maximum for Ponzi Scheme: 150 Years in Prison
Bernie faces victims and apologizes, says there's no excuse for his fraud.
Bernie Madoff Won't Appeal 150-Year Prison Term, Attorney Says
Ponzi scammer awaits prison assignment for $65 billion fraud.
SEC Under Scrutiny in Madoff Case
Senator: The SEC is "letting down the American people."
Hundreds of Madoff Victims Appear at Sentencing Hearing
Bernie has shown little remorse for his scam say those who know him.
A Year Later, Only Bernie Madoff and Frank DiPascali Are Behind Bars
Angry investors in Ponzi scheme want to know when they'll get their money back
Madoff Victims Frustrated as Wait Continues for Claims to be Paid
Money repaid slowly as investors' retirements stalled and homes in jeopardy.
Bernie Madoff's Other Secret: His Hadassah CFO Mistress
Sheryl Weinstein called former lover a "beast" in court.
Mets Owner Among Hedge Fund Fraud Victims
At least one due diligence firm warned investors to steer clear of Madoff.
Politicians Dropping Madoff Money
Hundreds of thousands of now-tainted money donated over the years.
Phony Web Site Targets Madoff Victims, Claims $1.3B Discovered In Hideout
SIPC says 'look-alike' site is another Madoff scam.
Bad News for Madoff Victims: Too Many Claims, Not Enough Money
New court filing reveals Bernie's assets spread over 12 countries.
Madoff 'Losers' Get Only $534 Million; 'Winners' Get Zero
Securities industry fund denies more victims' claims than it allows.
Too Many Madoff Victims, Not Enough Money to Go Around, U.S. Official Says
Victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme still fighting for SIPC reimbursement.
Calling All Victims: Madoff Expected to Plead Guilty
Criminal case of the $50 billion fraudster nearing conclusion.
Madoff Scam Could Cost Cancer Patient His Life
David Arenson lost his savings which he hoped to use on his one shot at a cure.
Madoff Widow Blames Bernie for Son's Suicide Attempts, Death
'I'd spit in his face,' Stephanie Madoff Mack tells ABC News.
No Apologies, New Hair: Ruth Madoff's Summer
Madoff victims wonder why she and other family members have not been prosecuted.
Ruth Madoff Sued for $44.8 Million by Trustee
Court-appointed trustee says Bernie's wife lived "life of splendor."
Ruth Madoff Free to Travel As Prosecutors Return Her Passport
"Clear sign" she won't be charged as Bernie's accomplice in Ponzi scheme.
Ruth Madoff Evicted from Penthouse
Locks changed; U.S. marshalls now have custody of $7 mill duplex.
Homeless? Ruth Madoff to Lose Penthouse, Other Homes
Meanwhile, government asks for life in prison for Bernie.
Madoff Family Feud: Wife, Sons Won't Attend Monday Sentencing
Private guard says Bernie Madoff showed no remorse over plight of victims.
Madoff Lieutenant Dies 4 Months Before Sentencing
Frank DiPascali, 58, head pleaded guilty in Ponzi scheme.
New Allegations in Madoff Case Against $1 Billion 'Enablers'
Bankruptcy trustee accuses feeder fund's Walter Noel of 'aiding, abetting' scam.
Madoff's Right Hand Man Walks Out of Jail
Frank DiPascali, Madoff's CFO, is free on bail.
Claim: Firm Knew Madoff Was Cooking Books
AG sues Ivy Asset Mgmt.; internal documents show doubts about Madoff in '90s.
Did This Man Cook Madoff's Books?
Daniel Bonventre, director operations for Madoff's firm, is charged with fraud
Bernie Madoff's Computer Programmers Indicted on Conspiracy, Falsifying Charges
Former CFO's cooperation with officials led to arrests.
Madoff Investors Demand Punishment for DiPascali
Angry at reports of leniency, victims want harsh penalty for Madoff sidekick.
Madoff Victims Speak Out: We Woke Up Penniless
Con victim says SEC told him Madoff's company was a "safe place" to invest money.
How Madoff Fooled Everyone
New audio tape offers insight into how Bernie Madoff fooled the SEC.
Madoff Trades Luxury for Life Sentence
Bernie Madoff's victims filled the courtroom as he was sentenced to prison.
Bernard Madoff: Life While Doing Life
The financier will spend his remaining years in Butner Correctional Facility.
Madoff's Victims Come Forward
Retirement dreams crushed for some who invested in Ponzi scheme.
Madoff Suicide Pact
Ruth Madoff says she and Bernie both tried to commit suicide.
Lifestyles of the Madoff Family
Ruth Madoff still lives in opulence in a NYC penthouse.
Madoff Scandal: Is His Brother Next?
Peter Madoff was responsible for certifying the legitimacy of the transactions.
Madoff's Little Black Book
Fraudster's inner circle tells of his diaries, noontime massage parlor visits.