Did Peace Corps Error Lead to Murder?
Whistleblower's name revealed to suspect accused of sexually abusing children.
Obama Signs Peace Corps Kate Puzey Act
Act follows ABC News "20/20" report on murdered volunteer.
Kate Puzey Law Would Protect Whistleblowers, Victims of Sex Assault
Peace Corps bill named for volunteer murdered in Africa, featured on '20/20.'
Sexually Assaulted Peace Corps Volunteers Give Emotional Testimony
Organization promises to stop blaming victims of sex assault.
Harvard Professor Keeps Rape Secret Until '20/20' Report
Karestan Koenen reveals sexual assault while serving in Peace Corps in Africa.
Murdered Peace Corps Volunteer Remembered in Vigil
Peace Corps victims of violence and families mourn loss, want legislation.
Peace Corps Gang Rape: Volunteer Says U.S. Agency Ignored Warnings
ABC News investigation finds more than 1,000 rapes, sexual assaults since 2000.
Congress Passes Law to Protect Peace Corps Volunteers
Bill follows ABC News '20/20' report on murdered volunteer Kate Puzey.
Brian Ross Investigates: The Peace Corps Rape Scandal
Rape victim says speaking out made her stronger.
Peace Corps Sex Assault Victims Testify
In opening statements, Congress demands answers from Peace Corps.
'Blame the Victim' Rape Video Pulled
Watch the training video the Peace Corps was forced to scrap.
What Happened to the Peace Corps?
Peace Corps critics Chuck Ludlam and Paula Hirschoff slam "rot in the agency."
Peace Corps Women Tell Stories of Assaults
In roundtable, six women describe sexual assault while volunteering overseas.
Home Video of Peace Corps Volunteer Before Murder
Kate Puzey was killed in Benin, Africa in 2009.
Sexual Assault in the Peace Corps
Six young women tell stories of attacks while volunteering overseas.
Murder of Peace Corps Volunteer
Who would want to kill Kate Puzey? Brian Ross goes to Africa to investigate.