Death at School: Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline for Autistic, Disabled Kids
Autistic, disabled kids handcuffed, pinned down, confined by school staff.
Death at School: Parents Fight Back Against Deadly Discipline
Autistic, special needs kids restrained, suffocated, and stuffed in bags.
Pa. School Controls Classrooms Without Harsh Restraints
Autistic, special needs students at Centennial recall treatment at other schools
Which Congressman Is Blocking Bill That Would Protect Kids with Autism?
Thousands of kids injured, dozens dead when improperly restrained.
Mom Sues School Over Son's Death
'I just don't want this to happen to another child,' says Sheila Foster.
US Warns School After ABC News Report
Massachusetts school uses 'skin shocks' on autistic, special needs kids.
Death at School: Child Restraints Spark Controversy
Autistic, disabled kids pinned down, confined by school staff.
Isolation Rooms for Special Ed Students Blasted As Abusive
Parents criticize Washington state school's use of padded rooms for discipline.
Students Recall Harsh Discipline at Schools
Special needs kids say they were tied up, locked in "scream rooms," restrained face down.
Pa. School Rejects Restraints for Autistic Kids
Dr. Michael George: "I came in with the idea these children could learn."
Mom Sues After Son, 16, Dies at School
"I just don't want this to happen to another child," says Sheila Foster.
Vinny's Temper Tantrum
School's technique calms autistic second-grader without using physical restraints.