Runaway Toyotas: The Investigation Continues
Original ABC News Report From Brian Ross Sparks Recalls, Toyota Apology and Congressional Hearings
Toyota Allegedly Able to Recreate Acceleration
New court filing claims Toyota technicians confirmed cases of 'Runaway Toyotas.'
Hearing Begins: Fatal Toyota Camry Crash
Judge weighing new trial and freedom for Minnesota man.
Don't Gut 'Toyota Reform Bill,' Say Survivors
Auto industry opposes bill that would raise civil penalties to $200 million.
Toyota Faces Criminal Investigation Over Steering Rods
Grand jury probe follows ABC News report on delay in steering rod recall.
Feds Say Book Still Open on Causes of 'Runaway' Toyotas
"No conclusions" reached, says NHTSA, despite reports blaming driver error.
Protestors Demand Freedom For Minnesota Man Serving Time For Fatal Toyota Crash
Prosecutors oppose new trial for Koua Fong Lee, who says his Camry wouldn't stop
County Attorney's Experts Reject Defense Claim of Camry's Mechanical Flaw
Reports say sudden unintended acceleration not cause of fatal accident.
NY Toyota Dealers Pull Ads from ABC Stations
Toyota dealers angry over ABC News coverage restrict TV ad buys in New York.
Defect Found In Fatal Runaway Camry
Lawyers for man in prison say new report strengthens case to release him.
NHTSA Launches New Investigation of Toyota Over Steering Rod Recall
Agency wants to know why Toyota waited a year for U.S. steering-rod recall.
Lawyer: Stuck Throttle in Toyota of Jailed Driver
Says Camry of man convicted of vehicular homicide may have cruise control flaw.
Toyota Exec: 'Come Clean' on Pedal Problem
Read internal Toyota e-mail exchange about gas pedals and ABC News.
NASA Scientists to Test Toyota Electronics
Expert group created after Columbia disaster will study sudden acceleration.
NY Runaway Prius: Case of Driver Error?
NHTSA: Vehicle data shows throttle was open, brakes not applied during incident.
Prius Driver: Thought He Was Going to Die
California Highway Patrol report offers harrowing narrative of James Sikes' ride
Did 'Runaway' Prius Driver Hit the Gas?
Automaker says driver hit brake, gas pedals at least 250 times.
Questions Raised in 'Runaway Toyota' Story
Toyota and the feds Test James Sikes' Prius, can't recreate sudden acceleration.
Sen. Schumer to Toyota: Cooperate with Investigators of New York Prius Accident
Toyota says it will provide black box info in Harrison incident.
Former NHTSA Head Blasts Coziness Between Watchdog Agency and Auto Industry
Regulators went to work for Toyota - and a half-dozen other carmakers.
Runaway Toyotas: Listen to the 911 Tape in 94 MPH San Diego Incident
Meanwhile, in New York, another Prius allegedly accelerates suddenly and crashes
Toyota With 'Stuck' Accelerator Hits 94 MPH, Driver Rescued by California Highway Patrol
Driver brings Prius to stop with officer's aid; car not covered by pedal recall.
Toyota Slams Sudden Acceleration Research of Auto Expert
Toyota says prof's research into electronic throttle doesn't reflect real world.
Toyota Giving Drivers "False Reassurances" Congressman Says
60+ drivers tell NHTSA cars keep surging out of control after being fixed.
Drivers to Toyota: Recall Fix Not Working
As Toyota execs say problem solved, NHTSA receives 10 new complaints.
Bitter Battle Breaks Out Between Congressmen Over 'Secret' Toyota Docs
Darrell Issa accuses Ed Towns of 'manipulating' whistleblower evidence.
NHTSA Defends its Performance on Toyota
David Strickland defends NHTSA, calls Camry complaints 'unremarkable.'
Toyota Chief Bows Before the Chinese
In Beijing, Akio Toyoda apologizes to the world's largest car market.
Congress Blasts Toyota for Withholding Key Evidence, Secret 'Books of Knowledge'
Committee: Whistleblower's documents show 'systematic disregard for the law.'
More Toyota Testimony Lost in Translation
Toyota says Jim Lentz didn't mean acceleration fix was incomplete.
Investigating Toyota -- and Taking its Money
Lawmakers investigating Toyota get money from Toyota dealers and PAC.
Cuomo to Toyota: Provide Rentals for Customers
New York attorney general hammers out deal with Toyota for alternative rides.
Deaths from Runaway Toyotas Put at 39 by Investigators
'If the Camry and the Prius were airplanes, they would be grounded.'
ORIGINAL REPORT: Owners of Toyota Cars in Rebellion Over Series of Accidents Caused by Sudden Acceleration
ABC News investigation finds hundreds of accidents, reports of 16 deaths; Toyota owners want answers.
DOT: No Electronic Sudden Acceleration in Toyotas
Report: Sudden acceleration only caused by unrelated mechanical defects.
Toyota Pays Maximum $32 Million Fine For Two Safety Defect Recalls
NHTSA steering rod probe spurred in part by ABC News investigation of crash.
Runaway Lexus Driver In LA Sues Toyota
Unmi Suk Chung faced prison after fatal crash she blames on sudden acceleration.
Toyota's Own Drivers Were Behind the Wheel in Sudden Acceleration Cases, Court Filing Says
Toyota bought cars from owners after allegedly replicating sudden acceleration.
Runaway Lexus Driver Vindicated, May Sue
Unmi Suk Chung faced prison after fatal crash she blamed on sudden acceleration.
Out of Prison, Toyota Driver Will Sue Toyota
Murder charge dropped, Koua Fong Lee wants to join lawsuit against automaker.
Freed Toyota Driver: My Children Don't Know Me
Attorney credits ABC News for helping Koua Fong Lee win release from prison.
Toyota Wants Acceleration Suits Thrown Out
Automaker also admits problem with 'black box' data, says glitch has been fixed.
Big Win for Toyota Whistleblower
Ruling allows Dimitrios Biller to use secret company documents in court.
Convicted Toyota Driver Freed From Prison
Koua Fong Lee, who was in prison for vehicular homicide, is a free man.
Lawyer Demands New Trial in Toyota Case
Prosecutor agrees to new inspection of car; driver blames sudden acceleration.
Toyota President: 'I Take Full Responsibility'
No bowing, but humble approach contrasts with charge Toyota was 'safety deaf'
Gov't to Inspect Suspected Toyota Glitch
Transportation Secy. promises feds will explore possible throttle problem.
UPDATED: Electronic Design Flaw in Runaway Toyotas
Professor says defect in Toyota's 'fail safe' for acceleration creates danger.
PHOTOS: Cases Across the Country
Some accidents across the country have been fatal; Others leave scarred survivors.