ABC News Investigation: USA Swimming Coaches Molested, Secretly Taped Teen Swimmers
Olympic body under fire; 36 coaches banned for sexual misconduct with teens.
U.S. Olympic Committee Tackling Sexual Abuse in Sport
Victim calls for stronger regulations, leadership change at USA Swimming.
Swim Coach Facing Federal Porn Charges in Massachusetts
Timothy Kelly accused of having images "santaslilstripper017" & "!!7 girl suck."
USA Swimming Votes 'Yes' to Athlete Protection Measures After Sex Abuse Scandal
Rubdowns, massages, shared hotel rooms between coaches-swimmers now prohibited.
Swim Coach Sentenced to 10 Years for Sexual Misconduct with Teen Swimmer
Chris Wheat fondled 14-year-old and sent her lewd text messages.
Swimmer: My Swim Coach Made Me Wear a Dog Collar
Also this week on Brian Ross Investigates: Naomi Campbell, drug cartel tactics.
Latest Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Brings Calls for Leadership Change at USA Swimming
Former Olympic hopeful turned cop says new leaders needed.
USA Swimming Hit With Another Abuse Lawsuit
Former Olympic hopeful swimmer says California coach began molesting her at 15.
After Sex Abuse Scandal, USA Swimming Approves Athlete Protection Measures
Arbitrator orders whistleblower reinstated to judges list.
USA Swimming Releases List of 36 Men Banned for Sexual Misconduct
Former director of national USA Swimming team Everett Uchiyama named.
Indiana Swim Coach Pleads Guilty to Sex Crime Charges With His Underage Swimmer
USA Swimming adopts new proposals to protect athletes from sexual abuse.
USA Swimming Coach Pleads No Contest
Two more swim coaches face sexual misonduct charges.
Sex Misconduct Probe: Swim Coach Suspended
USA Swimming announces '7-Point Action Plan' to address sexual abuse by coaches.
USA Swimming Called on to Clean Up Its Act
Ask for improved background checks, more chaperones with coaches.
USA Swimming Exec Apologizes After ABC News Sex Abuse Investigation
Will set up sex abuse hotline for swimmers.
USA Swimming, Coaches Sued by Swimmer for Alleged Sexual Abuse
Suit: Alleged sexual misconduct by swim coach toward athlete not investigated.
Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against USA Swimming
Critics Call for New Leadership After Swimming Sex Abuse Scandal
Swim Coach's Secret Tapes
Inside USA Swimming.
Inside USA Swimming - Secrets and Betrayal
Brian Ross investigates on 20/20, Tonight 10/9c.
Brain Ross Report Gets Apology for Swimmers
Chuck Wielgus issues an apology for misconduct in USA Swimming.
USA Swim Coach's Secret
Gold medal swimmer says she was sexually abused by her coach from age 11.
The Coach's Secret
Dozens of U.S. swim coaches have been banned over sexual misconduct with teens.
Sexual Misconduct in U.S. Swimming
Part 1: Swim coaches have been banned over sexual misconduct with young girls.
Rogues' Gallery of Swim Coaches
Six swim coaches convicted of sexual misconduct with teens.