Prince George's Godparents Include Olympian
One godparent is a close friend of the late Princess Diana.
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Royal Baby May Inherit $1B
The new royal baby stands to inherit $1 billion from his wealthy family members.
What's the Royal Baby's Sign?
The new royal heir is a Cancer on the zodiac calendar by a matter of minutes.
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Royal Baby to Impact British Economy
How will the royal baby affect the economy differently than the royal wedding?
Royal Memorabilia Collector Makes Room for Royal Baby Among 10,000-Piece Collection
For the last 30 years, Margaret Tyler has amassed over 10,000 pieces of royal memorabilia, turning her house into a shrine,...
How Kate's Delivery Will Differ From U.S. Experience
The future British monarch is due to be born any day now. Kate Middleton will deliver her child at Mary’s Hospital in London,...
Royal Tips for Dads in the Delivery Room
Advice for Prince William and other dads-to-be.
Prince George Has 'Voice to Match Any Lion's Roar'
Pop star Katy Perry might have a No. 1 single with her hit song, “Roar,” but it is Britain’s Prince George who has the real...
Kate Middleton at Marathon in 1st Public Appearance
The Duke of Cambridge is kicking off the 135-mile Ring O’ Fire marathon in Anglesey, North Wales, this morning, bringing...
Prince William: My Son Is 'Extremely Good Looking'
The Duke of Cambridge also calls Prince George "pretty loud" during appearance in Wales.
Newest Prince Visits Kate's Family in Bucklebury
Prince William and Kate will spend three weeks away with their newborn named George Alexander Louis.
Royal Baby's First Day Home
Aunt Pippa Middleton was reportedly there to greet the 8-pound, 6-ounce heir to the throne.
Prince Charles Calls Royal Baby 'Marvelous'
The Prince of Wales comments after meeting his grandson for the first time.
Royal Baby Receives Traditional Tower of London 62 Gun Salute
Guards from Britain's Tower of London shoot celebratory salute in honor of newest heir.
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The formal birth announcement is posted on an easel outside Buckingham Palace.
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Royal Baby Will Never Know Diana
Prince William, Kate Middleton are expected to pass along the values of the beloved Princess.
Prince William to Leave Air Force, Focus on Fatherhood
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