Dad nestles his newborn daughter on top of his guitar to lull her to sleep

The baby's dad, Cody Comer, 21, is an aspiring musician.

Talk about a sweet lullaby.

A first-time dad in Missouri put his 3-week-old daughter to sleep by nestling her on top of his guitar as he sang.

Cody Comer, 21, of Carthage, Missouri, was playing his guitar in his living room when his wife asked him to put their newborn, Carrigan, down for her nap.

Instead of just singing her to sleep, Comer nestled his daughter on top of his guitar as he played the Merle Haggard classic "Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star."

"It couldn't have been 10 seconds after I started playing that she fell asleep," Comer, an aspiring musician, told "Good Morning America." "She was kind of fussy so I had her in my arm and I had the guitar in my lap. I just kind of slid her up on her belly on the guitar really easy."

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Comer's wife, Chandra, walked in the family's living room to see Carrigan fast asleep on top of the guitar.

"To me, it was adorable and something I had never seen before," said Chandra Comer. "At first kind of scared though because I was like, 'What if she falls,' but she was so content and just knocked out asleep that all I wanted to do was capture it"

Chandra Comer captured it on video and the couple posted it to Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Carrigan slept on the guitar for probably five to 10 minutes, her parents estimated, before she continued her nap on solid ground.

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The newborn was a fan of her dad's musical talents before she was even born, according to Chandra.

"When she was inside of my stomach even -- because [Cody] plays all the time -- the reaction was she'd just kick all the time. I wouldn't do anything and I'd sit down by him and she'd kick a lot," she said. "As soon as we got home from the hospital, he started playing again and it seems like it soothes her every time."