The fate of the Senate likely hinges on Georgia | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

Galen Druke speaks with senior writer Perry Bacon Jr. about how the party that controls the Senate could impact a potential Joe Biden presidency.
8:00 | 11/05/20

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Transcript for The fate of the Senate likely hinges on Georgia | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
I'm me. Hello again from 500 makeshift newsroom deal in years and while all eyes are on the presidential race and the results coming in from some of the battleground states. Where we are expecting him. More ballots to be released counted at senator. Today and tomorrow. We want to talk about the race for the senate which was competitive between Republicans and Democrats this year and accurately to talk. About where things stand so far what the future could look like. Is my colleague parity in Jr. hate Eric Carter is just the so. What races have been called and given the races that have been protected so far weirder things stand in terms of the accounts are. The wind picking up is is it looks like there are two races we really don't know where it's going to Georgia races. The want a special election with Kelly law cooler and Raphael Wharton an awkward that was sort of the jungle primary where they're both can go 12. The run up on January 5 we knew that was going to be neither VW winners there. The big question ringing out is whether. David purge you the incumbent Republican and John off saw bits and an additional race. But the winner has to get 50%. And right now it looks like George is really close Purdue is right along right on the line if safety in 49 point nine in look. It's like he won't get the votes and therefore. And therefore there will be a run so. Pretty much all the other races either in hall or we have some sense of who's and we in for example in North Carolina. It's now been called yet but it's pretty likely Thom Tillis to Republican will be cal Cunningham the Democrat. In Arizona it's not been called by every network yeah but it's pretty clear mark Kelly will the Democrat to beat mark and accelerate the Republican. Alaska has been called yet but it's likely on the incumbent Republican Dan Sullivan will we and so. It looks to me like winning in add fifty Republicans. 48. Democrats. And in two races in Georgia we don't know yet some of Purdue. Wine is likely you're gonna have a Republican majority. And at Purdue doesn't win the you have to do so the excellent candidate racer from the media Lisa B. Republicans fifty Democrats 48 to senate races in you know purple moving blue Georgia on January. So that's. Months away at this point and balance of power in this that it would be up for grabs do you know very much about George are runoff elections and what the electorate well well looks like work could look like. Two months from now I mean. We've had really high turnout in this election should we expect the saint of that advantage Republicans or Democrats. I don't know the answer that question initially and into the conventional wisdom I think would be. A lower turnout race is gonna bring out more a high propensity voters. And that those would be Republicans I would assume the turnaround of the lower except that this assertion in usual circumstance. That may be. Maybe turnout ends up being higher than think it'll be. Just because this is like a race that it may end up being this is the center is to decide control says are these two and I assume. Also we might have more money may be stint on care in you know if you live in Savannah good luck this could be the worst two months of your life. All right soon we have talked on the politics podcast at doubt. The repercussions for all Republicans and Democrats and also the different factions of the Democratic Party. If the Democrats were to keep control of the sat so right now. Of course it looks like Republicans you'd probably say their favorite but it's still odd or razors and it also saying that former vice president Joseph Biden is favored to be the ultimate winner of this presidential election of course based on ballots to count. But his path as is much clearer at this point that president tribes. How would that change. A Joseph Biden presidency. Potential Joseph Biden presidency. One if Republicans were to control that chamber war to you if it were to be. Super evenly divided where it's like 5050. You know hypothetical. Vice president Colin Parris is the tiebreaker. I mean ultimately if than the Democrats have fifty plus one. Cabinet members judges in particular. Are going to be taking his prove them on party line vote so that's the biggest cabinet members. Judges you know Biden is as promises to appoint the first black you know Supreme Court justices. You'd assume that the Democrats have controlled senate and Stephen Breyer resigns. January 24. And yen are some in very early on and then he's in as a replacement for him. They can pass a stimulus bill so they can buy it has on cabinet. If the Republicans troll at you have to imagine every I mean. Did he allow us Supreme Court nominee by anybody and picked in the approved anyone I'm not sure many Breyer asked to stay longer. In the waited Ginsburg try to stay along the altar administration. The cabinet post in become I assume you tune your cabinet post moves somewhat to the right because you have to. Pick a person again at least a few Republican votes. And was looking warrants operas is not going to be the Treasury Secretary anyway but really not going to be if you have to Republican votes suggests that everything becomes different. And the mob maybe the Republicans on approving over the candidates all acting secretaries. Caliper job is done. So then that assisted Soviet McConnell you know has shown he's willing to block stuff you know. When Obama was present he blocked the time particularly into when he couldn't when he sixteen so McConnell and bite of a long relationship but I still think it in the day. That's a huge huge limitation Biden's admission administration. If the Republicans Jolson. So that's some of the personnel issues that would be accessed April what's our Iraq policy as well because progressives within the Democratic Party have been pushing for under hypothetical Joseph Biden presidency. You know our. A lot a big stimulus package unity of course Nancy Pelosi let's talk directly and act million dollars for. Stimulus for dealing with the corona virus but there's also been part for new deal style programs or expanding the judiciary. You know there was a long list up policy wish list from progressives that they wanted from. A hypothetical Biden presidency. Ought you know Ian either me. 5050 proposition and wore a Republican controlled senate how much has penalty. I mean I think this sort of mainstream democratic legend is probably did in general with the McConnell controls that I think is much more. Did conduct which party controls the halting other proposals matters much to think it's more like. If the Democrats have control they were never gonna pass the green new deal as such in the first place but whatever Biden's plan climate change was could pass that they connected fifty. Where he won fifty basically. Acting I don't think packing the court was ever gonna happens knives it change you very much but it. Yeah I think even like Joseph Biden's agenda is pretty progressive and raising the minimum wage stimulus bill I think all that to me becomes pretty much did not tunnels and jars and alive if she was in charge. All right well it looks like it could all come down Q2 runoff senate races in Georgia on January offense you gotta say America certainly logs today. Dramatic finish and it also means that for all of us in the election coverage community. Debt this election is probably not over pop. Certainly though we gotta wait for more results and more definitive answers what's behind them. But for now face of a fraternity Terry analysts' reckoning it sounds good thanks.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Galen Druke speaks with senior writer Perry Bacon Jr. about how the party that controls the Senate could impact a potential Joe Biden presidency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"74044521","title":"The fate of the Senate likely hinges on Georgia | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fate-senate-hinges-georgia-fivethirtyeight-politics-podcast-74044521"}