FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Harris Drops Out

The FiveThirtyEight crew reacts to Sen. Kamala Harris's decision to drop out of the Democratic primary.
41:10 | 12/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: Harris Drops Out
Hello and welcome to this emergency installment of the identity politics pod cast. I'm 200 senator Kabul Harris from California has dropped out of the democratic primary. She was considered an early favorite in the press in the polls and even in betting markets. But in recent months she had flat lined in the low single digits in the polls. We spent some time on the podcast earlier this week discussing what happened to her campaign but now that she's out of the race. We're gonna dive back into that question and also address some other questions and here in me to do that our editor in chief and it's over public Iran did not want to Iceland disclose. With it that July news part of that early consensus that the optimal Harris was a pretty formidable. Top tier contenders for the nomination. I remember you kept picking her and our early drafts also announced that it is seen about a charter Claremont. Hi Daryn it's back out it against innocent yet. And managing editor record and Harry America. Are so we know from our discussion earlier this week that her campaign was struggling but clear why did Harris decide to drop out today on December 3. Well I think we can probably safely say that. She ran out of money. Impart because. Well in her in her letter to supporters. She says that she can't that she doesn't and points or resources she needs to continue. She laid off staff in New Hampshire about a month ago kind of surprised that some people in New Hampshire. And it's kind of getting to the point what's the what's the date in December's that the financials are. Well December 31 as in of cornea. I think I think basically I mean I think we can talk about this in more detail but. We talked yes and yesterday's podcasts about it that different strategies that her campaign had at different points he now. Are we gonna do more of a retell Iowa campaign are we gonna do a national viral moments kind of campaign. Am I thinking it was as I believe I was looking at it is morning inside reports of you know big ad buy in in Iowa by a pack as you know associated pack. Ice I suppose that that. Things kind of ground to a halt I mean also we written all staff meeting and it came was quite surprised me and I saw that. Yet Wareham. So wanted to go to work on this week is actually. A statistical model to predict when we'll Kenneth -- out under different circumstances. Funny coincidence my intuition is that mrs. A little bit early to drop out in a little bit surprised. She clearly is not angry shape it she's at 4% or so in national polls. But like 4% is actually good for. Fifth or sixth place and and where Michael Bloomberg and a couple of other people are. She had the second most endorsements in the field. She on she had. Decent amounts of money behind that front runners but right after that kind of tear so I think they're kind of two theories about the stimulus in this maybe they'll be more reporting and you'll know right. But one theory is that yet she is running a big full fledged campaign with a lot of staff. High burn rate cash wise and she knows which is making every day from fund raising and if if you're bleeding money. And unsustainable rate that might be one reason drop out at all. Add to that name from reporting that we've already seen in the third quarter of this year she spent a dollar forty for every dollar she took it answer she was burning through millions already read but there's also a debate in two weeks which is two and half weeks almost sixteen. When you do you can survive sixteen days. But anyway what was or other theory going to be running out of my get a theory is that she is. Trying to preserve heard dignity. With respect word maybe being VP contender with respect toward her long term standing in California because one thing happens is that. A win. When you run for president to come less popular at home and by the way innocently California especially with their. Top two primary system you have been worried about in in the Democrat trying to usurp you right. And door that like. Because there was turmoil on her staff are mean the with the times piece that was near trustees. Had a surprisingly high amount. Of on the record people really pushing back at Harris even it even you know in the genre like. Pre mortem obituaries. And to me it's like this is really not very tenable I am losing allies does operations are going well but like. Usually candidates wait until they have. No chance at all before the drop out or there's some scandal right she's a candidate we convey with a chance was. 1% or 5% when you're talking with hits like 0% before they before the reasonable doubt yeah I actually I wonder whether it. Money. But you feel like you know we have a strategy here let's stick with. And hope it pays off it's a whole another thing when. You're languishing in the Paul's your burning money. And your campaigns in disarray you're jumping from strategy to strategy. Am so I wonder if you're decide screw this. I think it's a big thing I mean the fact that two separate. Pretty well sourced articles about. Discord on her campaign came out in the last month does not agree sign that how many people were willing to basically. Talk smack about the campaign. I'll also note that you know. I was I was mentioned as before read we started taping but. All of these stories and a lot of in active floating around center around the fact that her sister was sort of power center on the campaign with out of sort of specific hoot but who reports to her you know how much as terrorist listening to a sister verses. Her campaign manager. And I think some ways you know perhaps a cautionary tale about those. You have human dynamics the gimmick Kaiser obvious is stronger than professional ties and I think you see Biden's campaign. As kind of the opposite you know an example of the other direction it can go by his sister. Has her famously or. Famously because who knows the stuff but it never called or famously for politics are his sister has run his campaign. Up until this one. Which she did not run. And I think perhaps that was a good decision. You know just because these are obvious the really he. Tents professional situations and I think when you involve family dynamics and who worked there him he knows that it can be fraught. So I you know I think that's that's an interesting nugget in office don't mix that is business and family that unless the family business. It is that which happened at from 530 device. In its history and credit for the town's image businesses or create the fine well. I mean he's president of the United States and that seems to be a pretty big success for the Trapp family. Let's not get businesses actually but yeah can we go back to its origins can we go back to is how. The biggest drop out so far in terms they just as did Ali who we thought we had the best chance companion because it wasn't alone in rating. Harris title yet we all know I don't think that I mean so you had. A brief. Moment where it but doe was at the top of the conversation right but that was more Rick and a brief. Shining once shining moment for meadow where has Harris is someone who I think if you had looked acted like our. Primary drafts. And are various pundit like speculative activities rightly I mean I think uniformly. For long periods of time she was always cars top tier contender yet and so. You know and by the way this leaves us with a very YE. Field of Democrats. Where the six candidates who as of this morning. Have Paul fire for the debate are all white. A Booker is not qualified and has qualified. Members are qualified it's six white people. Just. Yet that includes dire that some. Did it that's that's really interest and no it is that how we should get into this Clair ten her maternal credit. Wrote a piece years ago too intense heat. About how. The future of the Democratic Party was looking very light and and very male. And look where this is an all white panel I am. We're gonna have some Sam. Pieces on the site later this week exploring this question of why. Don nonwhite candidates why. Women seem to be struggling and that's primary but it really jumps at a you know like six months ago. Democrats you know brightly we're patting themselves on the back for happenings such a diverse. Field and not only such a diverse field. But I diverse and strong field it seemed like right where you had come Paris Cory Booker com. They they seem like really viable. Promising candidates Adam how much of this as a result. Of a premium put on Iowa and New Hampshire I mean maybe it's difficult to Parse the specific. Reasons. But if we're paying so much attention to those early states is not really affecting us. I think it's gotta be sorry but I also that I'd I think maybe first I would listen to premium put on quote on quote electability I think. That this is all general election stuff yeah I mean you know and I think Biden got a lot of critique when he jumped and that he was running a general election campaign. That booted judge I think it's the same critique. And I think for those candidates. They're kind of with the Iowa New Hampshire focus at least for indigent is case Biden I think would make the case that he can win. Post Iowa New Hampshire states that the house about let you can human at certain kind of voter but. You know the idea that that the upper midwest looms large. In democrats' minds you know voters who went for trump in 26 teen who. You know the party was kind of reeling that they lost some of those voters those voters are largely white many of them are men and so there has become this. I think is the power of the power of conventional wisdom in some way is spread we've talked a lot about. The idea that democratic Democrat democratic voters are being more strategic in their voting. This year than any other year that they've placed winning. Above all else even you know does this other can't does this candidate match my just my particular ideology. Ends. You know. I think post 2016 so I wrote this piece the future of the Democratic Party is docked at that white guys question mark. If you 2017. Because it seemed like that party was in this period of discussion of between. Do we need candidates who can turn out more or floaters. Who are minority and who. Haven't voted as much before or do we want candidates who are going to turn out. We're gonna appeal to Obama trump voters. Less talked about was can we have someone who does both for at the Obama coalition thing and someone I feel like. The we need to win back Obama truck voters AKA. Let's get some. People with who are white. And generally appealing and who won't scare off those voters fill that argument seems to be winning in some way is this just the look at the bit look at the debate stage rate like look at who is still on the race obviously Elizabeth Warren as well and obviously Klobuchar as a woman. It. I it's it's interesting to watch it kind of filtering. I feel like it's good to Micah about I anyway I think you're giving too little. Emphasis today what happens when you heavy really freaking white state. T really quite states that go first in how ridiculous primary luck. If you flip the order but so you have South Carolina go first and about a to second and then Iowa and New Hampshire. You know I'll think mayor Pete could be as much of a part of the conversation. As he is. Maybe maybe Harris I mean she didn't have great numbers in South Carolina or Nevada about like it be much different race right. Shoots him like a natural for like the kind of western state you know whatever state and then the and then. Can she gain black support maybe a very different conversation I think. So what not I I agree with that I think the fact that the calendars from but it went really what states might does claim they've grown just forming kind of use that the raids but may do just fine. Glanced over this pick. Look at polls South Carolina and Nevada. Am. Biden Sanders Warren lead in both states senate that's that's the that's only to say that I think. But Claire was talking about what is this conversation about electability. Perceptions about electability in a general election. Is really just coloring everything by the way. As Perry as written for our site that him that includes. Hispanic voters black voters who are saying to themselves. Hulu who are these white. You know working class voters in the midwest gonna gonna vote for air Harris also ran to her left oh right. She ran I think pretty part of left on on several issues which was an obvious that's really going in me she had kind of a record winner. Some people and left. Did not support her record as attorney general and prosecutor in the so and so you know some I'm. A little bit less. Sympathetic to electability argument you don't really seem to be making. Very many appeals general election voters when people see you. It also its anger that South Carolina is not represented about of the Democratic Party either we actually crunched the numbers to figure out which states are representative of the Democratic Party and the top. Five. But all like New Hampshire Iowa and South Carolina are all bear on rapper going to crews are. That most politics and politics report just like such the media should not. Accept. Going approved most politics. Like conventional wisdom and reporting is equally. Only 60% of bull or Niles 9888. Interesting. How we cover 538 covers. The primary. Before we have. A statistical model of the race ray and me is literally work and the model right now pan am. Is something we think about and talk about a lot and and weak due kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place and that you know you can look at polls you can look at fund raising look at endorsements. Ma'am. You can try to be as data driven as possible. But it is really hard to judge to state of the horse race. In an ad hoc way just. Through your brain and also answered a question why do things happen because there's a million different. Factors that go into any one event and trying to like nail it down. Without you know eat wheat this isn't like a scientific study that we're going to absolutely that's even harder the wide. But but also like so where we kind of saddle is. Before we have a statistical models to -- to be clear we do not happen we will be watching Nazi before we have. It's not like we can just. Say well who knows you know maybe Harris will do well maybe not now instead we kind of wheat we set on this but some like. Here's what the data suggests here's what it looks like here's what we think but who'd out. I mean Harris was. Third place in the polls until April when choose a particular kind of simultaneously by warned him and Buddha chips. Amendments to fill back and then irresponsible agenda second place and like but she's not someone who'd. Never had a pulse. In the polls right and losers that think OK she's. Third place a two leading candidates are really old she has raise a lot of money at first she has a lot of endorsements. But if you program the sedan model I think the model would probably not however garner is more likely than Biden her burning maybe Bernie. But it would ascend is a very serious contender Claire we were just talking about whether or not basically. We were wrong to think then Harris had a good shot the start of the race. Get are based on polling and other factors what's your take on. I mean I don't know I'm. No I don't think we were necessarily wrong to two tree or seriously issues someone who. One is. Of this of the new senators of the new national faces. Of the younger faces in the party I mean she's a woman fifties but that's still considered young for democratic candidate given the sort of top pettiness of baby boomers and and war BP's but that run for office in the Democratic Party. Receive its nomination to president. So she was an interesting face she was is a big fund raisers she was. In the she pushed back and it should you compare since two Obama. One thing I'm thinking to sitting Herron and and thinking over all the people who have made the debate on people have dropped out. You know swallow dropped out he never really big candidate but he's California guy she's you know she's a California person. Came up in sort of San Francisco machine politics for lack of a better way to put it. Wonder how much. I'm dean of the people are stealing campaign or who are leading kind of big time Biden Sanders Warren booted change. Don't running easily folk. Exceeds sometimes faux folksy feeling campaigns about like. I'm from the midwest drams from Oklahoma our you know I've got middle class joke I've B Aaron middle and Scranton Joseph my brother served in the military there's like a lot of these sort of nods to. Quote unquote heartland values you know small town he values and and partly does wonder. With all of the various. Complicated things it's fallen to this phrase but like. Our candidates who feel to coastal. Kind of being reacted to by voters Jane Meehan like that the fact that Harris was. She's polished. Professional black woman whose US senator and I think that they stood stuff the comes along with fat and it goes into we talked at some mysteries podcast. The idea that women and women of color perceived as being more liberal add onto that like California coastal and you've got some stuff now I know that. Bernie Sanders is from new York and the president the United States is from New York but there is to me something about the public that the sort of subtle. Messaging about like. I shop at colts. Kind of that that's like that debt particularly drives through the Sanders and Warren campaigns and for and footage and there's like a little I don't know there's something there and it injects. Now is certainly there and Obama right yeah he talked about like we have a blue or red America and he based his campaign battery kind of famously out of so I. I remember looking at. A map Priestley were click here the three dominant personality types in the US right. There's like eroticism. Why does that map there's that really weird bizarre map this is interest thing is like eroticism. Which is a dominant strain in the northeast and like you know I mean I would think you could describe trump does neurotic. In that sense of maybe Clinton to write and like that's his personality type that we know plenty of politicians that have right. In the midwest it's agreeable lists but maybe more than mayor peak of the Obama thing. On the West Coast more alike. Relaxed laid back. You know and we really don't have a lot of successful examples of of West Coast politicians performing. About Ronald LN Frick and eighty years eager to eighty years ago eighty years to 1980. The long time ago an eighty years ago. It's been a long time since Reagan any considering like. The share of the population that California is you'd expect him all the times looking at a time. Contenders from new York and Massachusetts in the midwest and stuff like that you look at him any from California I think the kind of laid back personality type doesn't always translate well I think also we have other disadvantages so we've been doing research there are rather profound. Regional advantages. In the primary right so that means it helps if you from the northeastern England specifically. Or from the midwest because it helps in Iowa or New Hampshire you know by the states and like than like people who care that much about. In that story about it right like I think there should be more equity kind of those first four states particularly the media monopoly sent us to Nevada also sounds dumb like I was joking about like this. America's in sports like me chuckle it's kind of East Coast media bias right there is something where you're on the West Coast and but you're different time zone you're not kind of visibly not covered as much and like I think there actually is like it he slight East Coast bias in the primaries. You're smiling crack units of the if it. A lot of things that Cisco. And I I don't have agitated right now. I just think I just think there's a teen. California in particular side to him California California in particular has its place in America in the American imagination. Particularly in the 21 century. As this hub of wealth. Hands just like a different kind of public essentially like that are living in the rest of us and they know it catches on fire whole anxiously. Often now which is crazy but like oh. California eat still a while money more Bellic. My friends from California in college Catholic had avocados and I patent. We're techno sound stupid. But it's like California is kind of difference in people's imaginations and and I think the other real facts like. American a lot of heat from people California but I just articulate something which is. Being. Eight Dini senator. Or are represented him or whatever from a from a really financially successful sunny state. In a time when the country particularly the states that are the tipping point states the mid western states where use you do see. You know somebody's mid tier cities. Losing Amazon headquarters or are you know suffering. You know the closure of regional media operations or seen brain drain. I think it is actually like it's kind of like. When an irregular voter sits downs has like which of these people like understands in my life is like. They're probably less likely to think the California pop politician in general coming gets what like. What it's like to drive you know it's scrapes snow off your car minister mollen like. When you're headed to like the gym there I don't know that but they're just like a ball or neglect texture of life it may be people feel like those politicians and. Or in the democratic primary voters of all kinds think gang. Other voters wallet yeah like that thing but. That if Brittany. As for efforts in the same map I saw which did show like the west that's like the creative personality I'd just knowing it also showed. New England as the most uninhibited region click this little I'm sorry like who who. I think what it might be referring to you is that like people in Boston and New York fight in public with strangers in a way that people in the rest of the civilized hurt a country don't hear. I am doing cannot explain something to people who than the term Iowa nice means someone being like. It means they're being politely doesn't mean everyone's nice there are doesn't think people miss England's people blessed are just as shady they just do it Micah. Like that's our people do. Bless your heart my cats are important you know our mission really. For anyone who do. Planners from Ohio and me but I don't product on the product though so my dad's from California and comes from New York's opulent actually unqualified. I think that's it for. Likes Google are so England uninhibited. That he's been like and even the foxwoods casino. A okay great if that's you know that's you know 1 of the morning yeah RAI am just let it. As well. Thank you I have been a lot of casinos nothing is more and added a Las Vegas development in the north. Anyway I'm cutting us off here let's get back to Harris. And yes you know there are as an aunt and a lot of different factors recommended as we talked on Mondays podcast about the you know racial and gender aspects that go into all of this obviously not just California verses Ohio vs New York whenever there's a lot doesn't it but before we hand. Let's talk about how this affects the rest of the field Harris is no longer and she was app. 4% could her supporters cart. Well. OK so let's let's come at this question from a couple different ways if you look at whole laying. Hey who's your second choice ray. Then you would think most of item paris' voters will go to. Topped here warrant and Ida and Adam. Ant man and some mortar booty Ted Sanders club which. That's like for example what economist Uga polling show is. It's similar to what. Morning console Poland should is morning console had it in order. I'd and 22% 121%. Sanders' fourteen. Booker 9%. We digits Sampras. Well it's worth we you know in our. In the Poland beat it with access around techniques. We asked people not to pick one candidate but who are you consider and vote for. And what that binds isn't something dramatically different but basically. People who are consider adding. People who were considered Harris. Overlap with Biden and by about 60%. Adam is at a weird way to describe it. And overlap with there's about a 60% overlap between Harris and pride in potential supporters. Which is about the same as there is overlap between Paris and warrant potential supporters. Followed by in order Sanders 41%. Booker thirty through I'm sorry Sanders 41% rated at 41%. Booker 33%. Com. Now. I don't think it's as simple I'm a meticulously and I don't think it's as simple that I cited. I'm actually cares but thank you don't think I don't think it's as simple last night okay this cat it drops out and then. Voters are like oh who is my second choice again OK now let me let me move I would imagine Harris dropping out would kinda affect the race and more. A more holistic. I think it's like. Maybe it's that the period of time when people are just going like their animal instincts and they're saying like Coosa Whitner. Right up and so you know if you're seeing. I don't know is pulling off the tap my head like Warren has kind of been in the little bit ugly cost basis and on. It's it's a fun slump now Acadia. And British edges like. If you know he's right he's doing very well in the first couple of states he's rising like does that make a difference to go back to the holistic point. Do people smell like OK look who's the winner. Biden has been talked about is like the winner about electable one forever so like between Sanders and warn him booted judge who else feels like a winner. And I kind of think the person with the with the winner. Edge right now for the past public has been booted judge caveat a lot of problems. Well I also wonder to come back to their holistic. More holistic affects I wonder if there's a cycle in new media and maybe even amongst voters where today maybe look at the next debate. Look at you know however many white men are going to be on that stage. And certainly how many white people are going to be on that stage. And and pink to themselves. Both do we have a problem here and so an accent thing people can think that maybe not made up but it but I I just think. If that does happen then you would imagine Harris dropping out could benefit book are very yes. If you're if here. Court workers campaign. You're happy after. Figuring out exactly the right tweak to compels. You're going little fist pump because he needs some spark. To get you in the next debate. And what I mean it is a big parking problem that like all these candidates are white yeah. Right isn't it won't. Not props like that what fresh problems and what cents a big problem and that like. That is not the natural arc and you'd expect from a party where you start with the most diverse field ever quarter and quote. And we're fortunate voters are nonwhite. You know you'd expect plenty why can't that not like everyone on stage to BY eight. And for me to reach the first primary Syverson have optioned alike vote but he I mean it's it seems like. But voters had an effect that's right like like if if maybe I'm no political theater aviator and maybe they're gonna go Megan Nancy the debate stage behind like Booker did tweet something like. Pictures of us hugging. Clare Clare Clare you to do a piece about. Candidate tweets when another cat attract out it's a particularly Graf got me. No but let. Maybe I'll be wrong and people will see the debate stage and say yeah yikes this is Lily white we started off with a really to verse range of candidates fine. It. Maybe their fine with that field right like let's go back to. Black voters for instance right. Booker and Harris have not been the choice of black voters why. Mean a lot of people say it will listens Wii party have the first black president we're not gonna just vote for every single black candidate who comes out there we we are. Black black voters are strategic elect historically strategic voters. Even if that's a new thing for the rest of the Democratic Party. And there and they didn't they haven't gone for the black candidates to LC Gabbard is like kind of fringe candidate. So so the idea that maybe this is just what voters think winds and when the twenty and struck. I think it is as I I think it. What you just that is exactly right which is a lot of voters gave a whatever they share is you know amp R&R survey for example. I'm with it says it found basically two thirds of likely democratic primary voters are prioritizing beating trump over Canada that matches them more closely on the issues. In not voters are saying to themselves. Maybe we need a Y eight. Cabinet or even maybe we need a white male candidate to beat trop that it's affecting the primate I don't think that's what choir sang. It seems to me like Claire is saying that. Voters of color may have preferences but don't align with their specific race regardless of maybe even this question about electability in Paris peace that was out on the site this week. The black left is supporting Elizabeth Warren and has been very clear that our policy preferences that they have. That are regardless of race and that I mean this debate is also had over. You know of the use of majority black districts in the south and a lot of black actors don't like those kinds of districts because while they do ensure the election of plaque. Politicians they don't necessarily represent their policy preferences. Now in an act I'm sure but both things are true right. You have a lot of voters opt out a lot of parrot this added a lot of black voters just really like Biden he was Obama's vice president they may know him he has long established ties in the community. But also. I'd hate it's just. Electability is such an overriding concern for Democrats that I think it would being nice eat to think it's not playing some role in. Making the top here more white and and more male and that the but I think there was saying Clair obviously. Correct me from wrong here but like. I think you're right that it has been voters who but for the most part voters have gotten nods to the field where act now what I'm wondering is. If dead voters and have a moment when makes cede that field crystallized. With bike but takes seven candidates on stage and Earl white. Adam whether date and have a priest but maybe not yet and I. I don't dispute commentators on I just I don't think that I think that people kind of know what their yet has yet I mean. It does feel like often L. In the primaries Biden and this is I think a good development for Joseph Biden. Number one the only candy he really got quite a few endorsements apart from Biden is Paris she's out. The contingency we're Booker or Harris comes back and becomes a problem for him in South Carolina that's produced. Right well is it and well I mean immediately help. But right markers of one candidate where like I'd that we talked about Austin yesterday. I think commoners to its group a lot of things against its own real time I can't figure out YE. Why Booker has gotten. Along. And maybe it. Now he's about him club which ours also someone where she is the only. If you want someone who is not the top four. It is qualify for the debate and is not Tom's dire or someone unorthodox let's call. Then here club matures on the only alternative may be right and so she could. Benefit a little bit and I guess. You know parents the second. Largest number of endorsers. Yep let them like AT other leg of our on our tracker. Of like kind of like. People who counted he NASA she's got some people in who I wonder how they'll reallocate their support. Particularly people had. I am machine. Florida and she had a decent number of what theater right now raucous people I don't know that it's gonna happen if right now some of the Congressional Black Caucus members. Who endorsed yours either quickly went to. Biden or Booker or anyone else that would be pretty significant. Via body rash Federico Wilson Marcia fudge those are all Harrison pressures and pictures about. Who bill or if bill. Adores horse he'll just do what a lot of other elected officials are doing as we talked yesterday and to sort of say look sit this out until the phenomenon away yet again it and. I'm back to what we're taught my early air. It took that to that point voters aside I wonder if democratic and leafs have a moment where they say you know what. Having a topped year. Only white on the email candidates or some serve there and is a problem. Hey let's throw back let's throw pac I'm Booker hey let's let's rally. Castor and disastrous on the campaign right let's Ralph Lancaster. It. I'll bet that's my point out so I think we've actually had a longer conversation that we originally set to happen which is great hopefully people interpret our lively discussion and use of in California you're my pants. An element and I'm just kind of just added it. I'm going to be a lot of Sen Mike a lot of I think a lot of back and forth with interest and great gray editors. Lot of this the but anyway what is next the final questioner lot of checks forest Harris's political career. Who compete well yet so I do getting text messages from non staff members that if it's about. People just like people on the street people mistreat people I know being OC one BEP. You know the idea and I think I think. What that is is if people expect to go back further conversation. He had the voter spoken to they want a white field of cans to they want a white man to be the nominee. Then I think you get into the interesting thing of the VP speculation witches. Well should be a person of color should be a woman of color answer me with the targets DC Abrams for a long time. As a potential nominee she'd FactSet I would love to be VP you know. You could potentially see come on Harris sort of saying I got out before Iowa. I was mostly nice to you guys. Matter I don't know right and that I'm telling you about down. The fight would taker in. And a harp RP and I don't think. Yet I mean I think Harris Abrams and broker. Martyrs the three most obvious. VP choices given me having Gary white field of yet top of the ticket nominees. Gossip coming. I mean that's that's a question of like OK if Biden becomes the nominee. He's had some uncomfortable moments with Booker at Harris on debates ages or harm our Booker spent. You know a lot of this summer kind of basically saying like what have you done to help Black America lately that was like the not so subtle message if Summers. At that in some ways. Makes endorsement more powerful right so Booker might not do with that his hitters. They both would. Like and they both by the way from. State's democratic governors he wouldn't have a huge winner news appointee. But like yeah I mean you know if you and I get to really big. Argument. On the podcast Claire later I'm going Twitter and saying needs such. Great mentor and and you know and it on the market and are powerful detonates over fan. And. There. That you could say nice things about player he's every week about how it would work may start law. First of all Biden would have to say really nice things about the potential VP and it. Just. Sorry. Castro. Released the state and that's pot after this statement that Stan. That commanded. Harris in for ran in the media coverage of her campaign has been quote something else. Says she was out double standard and it was quote grossly unfair reports. Oh. I think we would also be interested in hearing and elaborate on specific examples given that something reset is that the media gave terrorists today. Earnest. Acting he's referring. Politico and articles. Are well let's leave things better thank you Nate thank you they declare. They scale and it is rip roaring it wants me to Micah year well and will be back at it. Probably as a I do sell enough of us or to cover the impeachment hearings. That handles aren't new exodus polling data anyway my name is electric each now is in the control room are in turn is Marla you can get in touch by emailing us at podcasts 530 dot com you can also of course greeted us with questions or comments. If you're a fan of the show leave us a reading a review apple podcasts. Or wholesome and about a actually tells him and about it. How does not get some New Year's on the podcast thanks for listening and rose. And.

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