Midterms 2018: FiveThirtyEight reacts to election results

FiveThirtyEight writers analyze the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections and how the political landscape changed overnight.
3:26 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Midterms 2018: FiveThirtyEight reacts to election results
It is almost the end of Tuesday as I say these words it will turn into Wednesday here we are at 538. Quarters it has been a long night let's look back at some of the races that we are covering this evening. We already have some results we already have a flip it is in the house it's from the state of Virginia Jennifer wax. Tell me why were actually sitting here hypocrisy because our models. Democrat eating hundreds engines of winning there this is a seat that Democrats basically how to win in order to control of the house Barbara Comstock has mentioned was when most vulnerable Republicans. It also Democrats. Forward wealthier suburban districts it's notable that Barbara Comstock not only lost the seat but she is really getting crushed right now tonight and almost twenty point margin. So if voters and he's had to districts aren't distinguishing between a generic Republican and and there kind of Republican. That could be bad news for somebody's name brand Republicans haven't had. Any truly toss embrace his call to Barbara Comstock the company was expected by former state rep might draw you see him right there. Mike brought Republican. We'll win the senate seat in the state of Indiana pick up. For the Republicans what does this mean for Democrats path. Trying to make sense. They had it happened near perfect night I think the shot when he sent. And now one of their incumbents spawned endless money might not invent the most vulnerable again he was vulnerable there's no question but. I think there's some like any campaign Dakota army there McCaskill in Missouri. And push comes shall I think people might have thought Donnelly had a better shot either then and yet here he is going down. Hopefully right now is that Republican. We'll keep the senate ABC news can project. Republicans will keep control the senate surprise France presse suppressed so. Yeah should we be surprised you re indecent arguments we should be sitting there are good to talk ended in but I don't think. He was to be all eyes it was always going to be a time Democrats. There were a lot more seats the Democrats had to defend. I kind of seats that Democrats were having to contend inward. Season and Edwards each had gone for president trumps it was I was kind of uphill battle this is an ABC news disease election update so as badly things are going for Democrats in the senate. These are some pretty good results in the house and Staten Island is a pretty big upset surprising upset. Place and tenants alike president. Problem was a bit of reach for Democrats and Donovan and are now I'll come things favored what's interesting is that it was the only Republican held district and country that was considered. Purely are based on analysis that city land. I took a look at these models looking thinks it's now every purely urban see in the country's politics. There are still lots of individual results to watch as the night goes on but we have heard too big story lions and it's sort of what we expect our. Yeah I was kind of while Wright getting there. ABC news has now protected and our forecasts. Showing Democrats winning the house Republicans winning this NN. But the site. Republicans will need to repeat seats in the senate and that Democrats will win a lot of seats in the house that is really. Against the storage ethanol election cycle penalty chambers to result certainly reflected in the five companies in sixteen. That we saw him throw in height during the year on the years and it's just a continuation of that story.

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{"id":59034290,"title":"Midterms 2018: FiveThirtyEight reacts to election results","duration":"3:26","description":"FiveThirtyEight writers analyze the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections and how the political landscape changed overnight.","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/midterms-2018-fivethirtyeight-reacts-election-results-59034290","section":"fivethirtyeight","mediaType":"default"}