Why the NYC mayoral race is moderates' to lose | FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast host Galen Druke interviews two New York City progressives about the mayoral race.
51:34 | 06/19/21

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Transcript for Why the NYC mayoral race is moderates' to lose | FiveThirtyEight
Hello and welcome to equity politics podcast I'm dealing route. There are just five days remaining in New York city's mayoral primaries and then not New York listeners you'll certainly never have to hear about New York again. Of course I'm kidding. But as I mentioned earlier this month part of the reason we're covering this race is that it serves as a big test of ideas within the democratic part. New York has lots of Democrats and specifically lots of different styles of Democrats. This city is choosing someone just all a laundry list of challenges as it emerges from the pan. So as we discussed further left Democrats have been struggling to breakthrough for much of their race various moderate candidates have been dominating in the polls. And we've seen a similar dynamic planet and summaries is beyond New York this year swap. Today to hear from two people involved in progressive movements in New York about their thoughts on what's happening in the race and how progressive ism is shaping politics more. Purity today is political science professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice Susan king she's a member of the democratic socialists of America and volunteered on Alexander. Has its congressional campaign in 2018. Welcome Suzanne hi thanks for having me. All of us as Ross mark and he writer and columnist for the socialist magazine treatment and the art and he ran for New York State Senate in 2018 and he's the author of the new book. The Prince Andrew Cuomo corona virus and the fall of New York. Welcome Ross that you're the period sent the here awesome so. There are plenty of details that I wanna get in Q but just to start off would you agree with how I've described this race today. Progressives and the laughed in general have struggled to break through in this mayoral race Ross. I would see so yeah right now here are four candidates who exists in the tops year. And three of them. Had positioned themselves in some ways and moderates and of course that's where are happy that you in the so called moderates flat. Positions to laugh where are it was even the years ago. And Beers created at me at different times to her three. Candidates for her position themselves and progressively right now my life he the last ones standing in endorsed by. Out of danger concert Cortez has he become the standard error because together and needs to be typical he's won with Scott stringer he's. A sexual saw. And then another Kennedy and morality is never going to win was eating meant that she had a cherry streets campaign in which. It is quite he's talking about. It's so yes I think generally see dean it is B monorail. Hop on crying. Prove developer. Prove these these Kennedys who have led in. Holes and being control act he said it may not. And that way on the second but as of now that'd been largely the case in mail. I guess I agree with the idea that the progressive candidates the south stop progress and its partners certainly breaking through. I don't know whether or not it's there Hughes on the media to call its an election that Serbs litmus test. Or even state of affairs when it comes progressive politics in York city for a couple of reasons for civil. New York City to crisis acts differently in New York City does in normal times writes we think about after it happened. That we can't call New York City Republican city but if elected Republican mayor to we're now in a post crisis situation to New York City isn't sort of following its. Normal sort of set of values and right now there's been a lot of framing public safety I don't even think that New York City. Necessarily is one with the grassroots level in which people are breed public safety. People read much more about. The basic needs housing and sort of jobs not connecting in the post coated recoveries so it's interesting to me the way to the framing issues. By with the media and the candidates sort of dominated the discussion in a way that I'm not see when I talked to voters on the ground and so I'm somebody who book talks politics but also volunteers. And canvases that sort of puts me in a unique position I don't hear this when the doors or on on funds. Under the thing to his act. I would argue that there really wasn't very much of the progressive candidate running industries at all from the beginning Scott stringer someone who's successfully positioned himself in that way. But didn't necessarily have back at history as being more than its for the center left candidate. Debra Alice basically came from nowhere had no history of being an exit movements. At all in my wiley is well positioned something that way. I've never heard her before certainly am not some domestic insiders sparking knowing who's in the hall but I never Herbert for. Shouldn't we seek an endorsement from union the PSE CUNY so to me. Collison progressive and take those kinds of positions but what I say we have a progressive candidate running like Giovanni Williams in the mayor's race I would signal. I would agree with the second point and it's the second plane which is that. This is this this field is not eat terribly strong feel. And Beers not even strong left Kennedy. At all and it's and words of news season as the Democrats that this is America acting wisely or snow and industries. And so yeah three candidates were kind of the so called standard air laughed. All work flaw in different ways all didn't really come out of left at ball. And all are kind of trying to glom on to you for three weeks and the people so. There is apparently that Kennedy yet that that's the true today and I TC. Had a different Kennedy come along like season next did you finally public advocate he probably would have been a very strong anti as as it lacked and with a piece in the outer boroughs also with a piece of my grasses he couldn't properly built the leak pollution. And this year saw him run for mayor Cesar ET I think she well. She certainly would be strong and right so. Dear horror. There were possibilities for the candy was never there at the candy is not fair there's only so much you can do you. So there's a lot better wanna unpacked first of all just why not why doesn't apple laughed a strong candidate running. Yeah in this big mayoral election. I mean from my understanding. There should it didn't work done in coalition to recruit a candidate that worked just didn't happen perhaps. Because the last in New York has been focused on state politics is such a long time right so I'm someone who is obsessed with Andrew Cuomo share that with rust. He is a lot to admit that this possibility for progress a politics New York City because ST actually controls quite a lot. So that the eggs like you know CUNY funding auntie gate like the delirious taxes. And you know rents and other kinds housing related policies so we are all focused and Albany and we successfully elected number. DS aid act and progressive candidates in 2018. Sorry 2022. And 2018 are getting rid IBC's actually how I met Ross. Com and so you're focused. New politics that's the clock. Yeah and so we're all focused on state politics for so long and it 20/20 Europe's sex with getting these progressive candidates because it's which were to do that state level so. Our focus was probably ill placed and didn't focus on municipal elections. Honestly as somebody between twentieth and nineteenth pre code. My perspective I assumed it was going to be. You know Scott stringer there's Eric Adams and we'll see who use rates it would be like some analysts are right. The weekly but only for New York City now perspectives catch against each other we didn't see beating sort of throw queen Kong. His celebrity status in a kind of confusing things quite a lot. But I think that that's part of the reason why we due to strong candidates. This is it time learning a lot of lessons and that's what atlases which is that we should think about between candidates from her own movements. That they'll they'll laugh at me it's I might might industries from gripping your city our consulate there. And it covering politics releases its twenty Wallace or where we. I see kinda twenty tent she actor this and what I can say is. Don't laugh this theory young in New York City it sounds odd to see that the year city like oh my god Crescent City but when I started writing up politics and law. Laughter why is. Democrats. And then sometimes working families party organized labor would run kind of elected Senator Kennedy act and establishment can't make out that there's no texting ESA. The air curtain nuisance things countries like activists like grassroots groups usually like where analysts parties are associated NGOs. And and the Democratic Party and he certainly our teams that was kind of how it was not. Right post when he sixteen this like radically team DNC ads on members. Yeah you ANC victory Julie's house Arctic eats that encompasses earth using member in the state senate defeated an incumbent. Unemployment when he wore the same Emory join state legislature so you really. I'm gonna work I have your period rights at least I sent us on Twitter and city year. The 29 mayoral race will be much healthier one leftists socialists. Three in my left of center people it doesn't be anxious be built. But it just the bill McKee you know minor leagues for kind of the socialists and answer well. We Democratic Party in New York city's it really strong it's like tons of prospects that new state senators assembly matters. On you you'll be used City Council members after this cycle. But be just been elected so it takes time to run a mayor's race is very expensive eat went public matching funds he galleries closed at ten dollars. You got honorees for years at a time. So new it's he's attacked Scott Erickson air Adams. It's kind of illogical assumption is needed raise money for years I get stringer not. He's sexual. Saul allegations never substantiated it would probably be Scott singer Eric actors injury game right now instead. Garcia. And quietly slip that the that unit stringer laughed when he. Tawana a couple of something that you said Susan which is that New York City is in crisis and it's voting like the city crisis and of course before Michael Bloomberg was elected as a Republican and Clinton Rudy Giuliani was elected as a Republican. During the ninety's when they were high crime rates. And you said that dozens and refraining from the media and candidates in Poland we also do receive that crime and public safety tops. Oh main concerns for voters in basically every poll. About half of New Yorkers said that it should be a top priority for the next. Mayor of New York City. And that's not New York specific and seeing rising crime rates around the country. And so I'm wondering you know. Easy just difficult for the left pinkie in an environment where there are rising crime rates war. The country feels like it in a time of crisis like dealing with Covert or the aftermath of Coca. It is that is a challenge for the left but how do you address it's hard to overcome that challenge. So this is like inching questioned at a demonstrates the limitations appalling human mind because the sending that Ross has also talked but the four defund holes now. The deputies are breakdown with defund is which is that New York City has like a really high priest but it's six to seven billion dollars a year. And we have a lot of on net funding needs like social services like housing like you complain that. If we took some of that money with the police and create what he switched services without Sunni support and then majority people in New York City can support. It would you break down with teeth on me so I don't think that. Left progressive policies are possible to promote during periods. Economic crisis during periods of other kinds with an emergencies I think what's being. Failure is that and it is an attempt to discuss these in a more nuanced. Manner which is listening I can do. Torts and some neck into a ketchup on the phone. And if people are like oh yeah like I actually told us that appeared recently. This thing about New York city's police but it seems like I know seething UK police title that was you know it's an actual budget and he was actually shocked and he's a pretty high information voters. And he was like he you know he's or swear he's like really that much right so to me there's a misunderstanding. Right out how to communicate these. On ideas effectively where as the media and sort of people who have a lot of money and it's where a well funded. And want to support the police are able to get their message across which is New York City feels dangerous and to support. Candidate that's going to massive police and I don't think that's an assembly means. That people think that the police and responding only way to do it is public safety crisis. So you're saying that essentially like there isn't a concern amongst New Yorkers. Crime and public safety and that it's kind of driven from. The top down. I know there is a concern I'm just saying that. That people agree but we should do is necessarily. Invest further in and YPD or not. Cut their funding is not a citizen has consensus shared understanding. I think that people often just use the tools a had a part of them which is. Increased police funding are not increased police funding as the only solutions because that's what gets to done to them. By the media and politicians. Whereas I think that's why camera Allison actually had our alliance. Support and its functions are gonna win but a lot of traction was at she was one of the few people who was talking about. Deepening the police and wait in really excited a lot of young people and you know other communities you know felt that their needs were not being properly funded grants and. I think Dan Morales maxed out in the polling in the relatively low single digits and I am looking a whole year from its service during the 72% of New Yorkers that the NYPD should put more officers on the streets from wondering. Is it a challenge. The left is not presenting this idea in a way that is palatable and trying to. Emphasizing the deep on the police or abolish the police kind of message. All home. Or is it truly just you know from the top down from Eric Adams from the. It's it's really interesting question itself I I do think that New Yorkers are really concerned about crime and CE eighty think older voters in particular. Are very concerned about EST. Remember high crime New York unit of quietly I I'm too young to remember I am New York my parents to you. These are people who lack of waited silently for years. Yet there here. Es death in the cleavage generation between those who remember that sent the people reflexively. Think ghastly where police and the truth is it easy generally speaking the idea but these Sutley is like. A fairly popular yet whether active or not be I don't be active. I think car crime cheater is Sheehan not that subway crime is a major issue. So. I. CHA. Easing optimal care about it acting senate easy laugh candy can win in this is our and he. I TC either a strong left Kennedy right now back and you might well I backed mildly in the news. It's on his top lot of gun violence in deeper present it. Are Brooklyn that physically like on violence many years that you cannot pass the war kick. You know to our district the right units a tease tonight I Korean point that let them rant doesn't poll well when you increase now he does better. At eight the issue is politics. Ranging is off this thing. Matters because yet to speak it sounds like. If this heat in their second rate like Medicare for all it very nice ran right sounds Greek theatre and health care you know legalizing sex marriage like great brands you know and it needs. After breaking down. And it means different things to different people you know you polish police action right here people who say no. I don't need to fund IV get rid of all police everywhere. And that is a position that will never be politically feasible it'll never sell. And it will never succeed any meat here where city ever to be frank. Ian defund. Somewhere you lost point and people support at least for a form balloon colosio's one when he thirteen talking about forming the practices. Crafts. Dialing back the abuses in the Bloomberg air people are crying ockerbloom virtually on its leasing and is seen time working class and or communities don't want disappearance leaves especially when she is writing with gang violence but this feeling that. Criminals won't be held accountable yet either friend get shot kills you -- leads to holes that her accountable. So it is kind of and you are saying you. Another element of this New York City mayoral race. You know we should get into it and of course his and you mentioned crisis that's a huge part of our politics in America right now another part of specifically New York City politics that doesn't apply elsewhere. Is built applause right Bildt was here ran as a progressive candidate back in 2013. And he has not been particularly popular in the most recent exit polling IC has netter replies that make it a tent. To what extent is this race somewhat of a backlash to build depositors. Tenure. It's itching question I think he eat those easy easy and it's a backlash I. Part it definitely is here EEE years kind of Centre left mayor with Christine does anything cop. You know if they're out he was mixed excellent beater. Policy successes at every one universe operates the universal pre K. The Kennedy celebrate gay they want to deal not even the so called moderates want to use. Improved health care options for you know poor people for working class people that's a very popular yet so. Ought to thank you actually quite popular you know the man himself it's mixed. He still pull pre EOK. In black communities like he's pulling out early pre news Platt Reuters. And it's Latinos and a dismal with white Slaton and white moderates and white liberals like artists like. In your life you homeless like he introductory. Rate than white moderates think he's radical marxists the white liberals are Matt Hughes Ian Ian Levy out here science you know right. I deeply dependent who wins this race you'll see lots in this a minute call that right now I think it they Eric Adams in particular and when he 23 year or so. The only people hiding her and in the EU center lasts. Clear Centre left mayor Ali oh. And so I agree in many ways bills applause you. Like so Ross said that politics all branding of the Bosnia's print is like frankly a little bit of empathy and but in fact he's been really affected and many things one of these to get credit for is actually opening the largest school district. During the pandemic. I'm a lot of other major cities were not its U relatively successfully relatively safely right to vote to my kids go to school. And you know San Francisco all these other major cities were not able to do so this is able to negotiate the unions who is able to negotiate with on he's health concerns. Get credit for that and that she did quite a lot to sort of help New York City get back on its feet. Lot of people go back to work. And he also did you know universal pre K is amazing race and despite the fact he did that that's going to be universal next year's that's victory in the end of the pandemic. Lot of things to blogs you done. Degree and I think that he has changed how we discussed what's important first city. And I agree. And I fields applause you. The songs are right now frankly because. Tweet their team was as rocks at a time when the left was very small and BP should week in New York City he. One can't sleep with 40% plus of the vote in a crowded primary which did not look like she was going to win so. What's different between two when he 21 in twenty. Thirteen right we have more black presence we have more organized left me a lot more or less mature their victory so that's why people trying to say. The left is not doing while in New York to twenty trying to anyone. I'm just like you can't use this mayoral race as Abrams has for anything because. We have much more strength and political power and as Ross said the center right candidates are defining what support demand based on what the laugh test crew on the political agenda and that's very important to note. Susan you mentioned this idea that it hurt pretty frequently with talk Reynolds podcast it you even oftentimes when the last median losing elections there essentially winning the war winning bid to beat. Because the debate is happening on their terms establishment Democrats have moved significantly to laughed and a whole host of issues. Even if they are the ones who ultimately win. But it part of the way that he seems like they do that is the kind of take the last most popular positions like higher taxes on the rich and corporations raising the minimum wage and things like that. And then kind of how he would Jack king at the last west popular positions unpopular positions like. A policy eyesore decriminalizing crossing the border dividing the police things like that we've talked. And so you know. I'm curious do you see that as a challenge for the last that kind of establishment Democrats articulate popular ideas and kind of bashing their unpopular ideas whereas real left candidates in order to attract you know at the TSA and young progressive orders kind of have to be straight down the line progressive. You don't you just do that as a good thing that you are OK it's fine if establishment Democrats win on your ideas. Com or do you think that if something that progresses after an a challenge that progresses after cop. I mean that's a good question I think it it's also an issue scale. Right to be thinking about the presidency that's a very different race and everything congressional districts. It we can have people like. Out of your cost you Cortez people like tomorrow bone and to have these really strong positions are able to. You know if he's legislation that you know really changed the conversation. Are out certain things and they're always changing what's possible writes a couple years ago. Bunch of last organizations sports become public power which. Public utilities would be owned and democratically controlled. Now is like a crazy idea then we had this series of my terrible black outs and and also like to argue was like maybe we should have public ownership of like Con Ed. And then in this race it's one of the major issues on all the mayoral candidates are discussing. Thanks so if I'm correct and we even Eric Adams opened the possibility again does make it right candidate to dry candidate urged that they can somebody who's influenced by last. And then you know recently to operate past put forward public power bill in the congress so. I see what you're saying about something being popular summer not. Having these left victories changes what's popular and what's not populist I don't see these things as existing. Com in permanent position tried to as politics isn't assassinated times they have how climate change is like destroying the West Coast already. With record temperatures and drought. As changing material conditions you know exist then political orientations to what seemed like radical and unthinkable policies are gonna become. Increasingly popular and gain a we're winning coalition of support so. I'm not is don't think about what not scooter had. I just can continue plugging away with things in your communities absolutely. Today it's definitely it's your agency thing I. I had written critically out there on the lease ran I think one point people yes ATV which is impala which is. Were were saluting the conversation leasing. Unit sent that is true so I think in terms of leftist activist you have to push right ideas out there right. I I think generally seeking. Left economic pain he is currently always see that what I think moderates in swing district should run on like BE. Money spending ideas that giving people money like the stimulus checks for it wildly popular like Donald Trump. Almost got elected president and key people Fremont like everyone conservatives moderates like liberals they want three things. They want so if you want the social CE expanded it noodling no one. Really rich people early in the reactionary people are priests all our electric don't want us yet the here's what some see them fighting child tax credit right. Republicans are terror it's gonna be permanent because won't be able taken away it's going to be super popular key target money Pratt and can't think it'll be great so. Ankle the lat deathly east likeness these big ideas it's certainly on on the economic side. There are enough other ideas that I think then they're like to be in the creation leads me. You know I think from the activists are expected. You have to key I think you must you that. You're a politician you kind of have to evaluate. Freeing an issue right I think Freeney gets cheaper or cute and act on other issues I think Medicare for all teens from single payers Medicare raw recreate the Arab efforts now are working on it. That's that's okay pre apple pre game. How very in your beliefs. And meter platform can you be and be a progressive firm eat eat eat the class critique. Eat every racial justice. Politics are currently informed. I think they're incredibly easy trooper it. Right you see major corporations like Nike. You know light Amazon. Yeah like. Run you Wal-Mart so once four speed killing the language that doing anything legal language. Racial justice and so. IDC when you're looking hurt Kennedy traits that what is he got right conference and I think it's critique of capitalism you in order. And he EU really investing in building like a multi racial working class election. Our round shares like economics. He think that's very key metrics distinguishes like the blast from the not laugh because they're not. Zain well will get diversity training and get people think differently and the corporations will be nice and that's an actual candidates has no. You gotta go try to unites these corporations yet actually try to you cheat the economic structure psyche thing. Please act against predatory capitalism. Is very XET. Dot I need a laugh Hannity if you don't. Asked that class critique I don't think you beauty along. So this poses an interesting. Challenge for our progressive movements the last in that you know. Eric Adams who you know who you've described a center right former Republican former police officer. You know it has secured most of the endorsements from labor unions across the city. Why ours why isn't reaper which the left was born out supporting. Laughed can't. I think organized organized labor east particular is strong you are not strong nationally all of us from New York. Leverage you support incumbent or comment like Andy space for candy they relationships with the support and the speaker two win and I myself have. Immediately or duties and out. And it's not like it yes interview with her partner values and Tara. Release your argument hurts each year out ending the use you get a leader questionnaire that you all that but decisions are not being democratically in the leadership. My opponent Murray's or that see teachers union. I never got injured you see the irony what what's her public school teacher are public so. All alternately fundamentally you know upbeat child electric yhency east news. PE bigger partly movement east she news build coalition leader I think that's the Erie area where it seen time. Yet to be clear I recognized in New York an anywhere else relievers the house straight. They're going to support incumbent companies like ten injured Cuomo has always been canny leader all that's because the honor your knees he controls all the perks race he is where the powerful new leaguers yet its going to go against the politician. Who. East adding that wages they're members meet nexus that actor adds an office her many years at least happen. Boon to them oddity. And if you will probably win. And they're not law right I plan Chinese Communist union. I would probably feel pressured him nor air I mean this is the guy I can negotiate with the next eight years and it's. That's that's the reality politics yes a half. Where and then later the essays on war against leaders the SEE leaders leaders at work yesterday. So these tensions will continue but there's that fundamental reality that leader is guns or incumbent's war in com and white. It by its acts that very quickly. Labor does not necessarily endorse. Alone in the same way into council actions so they kept its that I am doing work on and did you see candidates they support things like defund. Com they have strong positions go against that of the kind of things that. Navy air support and their endorsement on the scene we've been so when on the doers I'll mention this labor's I was talking as somebody. On being ninety houses and I mention my candidate was endorsed by labor and she knew which union settlement include Latin 99. She's like I'm always vote wouldn't let them in and tells me because I'm former number so like. Organized labor. Have a different relationship and how it endorses executives first time it endorses legislatures legislative seat so that's what's going to be inching back this race is releasing a lot of less progressive victories this council and perhaps have one of the most left progressives seek councils that disease had in many years. Which may be wrecked reproduce sort of this more her com. A dynamic that's a lot more combative which will be the next mayor is if it is in fact Eric Adams and then also look into his act. From my perspective as a public sector union under. Eric Adams. As a former police captain. Only accepts public sector unions and we have to be like around other front runner aggregate Nina. You mentioned that one of the kind of goals. The progressive laughed is to create across racial working class collection. And in New York it seems like it's released struggles to do that eating more recent races are dozens allow a little bit of a preview but. Here at 538 my colleague Ann Richards went through every single assembly district in the city. And looked at how it voted in democratic primary is over the past five or seven years you know ran for example Cynthia Nixon was challenging Cuomo for governor. Separate teach out was running as well there were several races that and Sanders vs Clinton etc. the civil races that moderates vs progresses. We see that really where progressives are succeeding the most. Art and and also looked of the assembly districts in terms of education and and racial makeup and so on. And what we saw is that we're progressives are really succeeding her actually in the places that we think of as kind of circles within New York City actually Manhattan. Places like Williamsburg in green point in Brooklyn prisons like Long Island City in Queens places that are overwhelmingly white majority right actually. And actually a majority of the population as college degree that that kind of area is the only place. Where resides ever teach our win is the only as Resop Cynthia Nixon win. We see event in many of the other parts of New York City how to market numbers. Voters of color. Lower levels. Four year degrees. We see Alice and candidates overwhelmingly. Doing well. So how does the progressive movement rate three. So I I jump in NCA. I 811. And have been critical laughed myself. Not me work through east he's working class. Low in low income communities he lacks education ID thing. Groups that yes they should be trying to build power out east York Brownsville and eager to queens I think that's all very true. I has I hesitate at the wall low earth Nixon homeowners he shouts look because. It was such an asymmetry in we have the worst campaign finance laws in America you know in. Injury homeowners last primary spent when he sat dollars in the exits that you. So yes obviously candidates spending far more money is going to use well it's fair that that act like there's never really are recent parity rot. In even Clinton vs Anderson's when he sixteen. The sanders' campaign was not heard from New York call Hillary Clinton at the score every institutional actors T and T want so. You know you've had this east symmetry for a long time. I DC TS EC anchor desk it's deathly treated TSA slippery successes had been. But you saw last year for example Ian. The scents the scent victory Parker's words stand a lot of different EE CC. A live raided his opponent and and one. One lengthy EEE EE EE assembly members heated gas the fact that he did pretty well. In like he's more like working class black areas so any. Yes in particular easily carry down. They're they're growing and really trying to reach out you wore these communities I think yes I mean when you're near her building. You have. Easier time reaching educated voters he's the people or on line you people media error error climbing on these ideas. The left must do more to reach working class he's collar 100%. I also think silence on these races that you look at it yet. Do you or didn't work it did experiences in Buena money stands in support candidates hat and say that must be a. So I will want to speak about Alexander cost equipped houses victory and when he eighteen. Well and that's no includes judge applying communities. Like Astoria and Margaret Jackson Heights. Come in facts he. Young did very well gain like certain communities that where mostly Latin next omelet and but in a lot of it did break down as you suggest in 2018 right ounce of these higher turnout areas with more white populations cardinals education. 20/20. In which she was a known entity should been present in the community by two years. You could steamed up her appeal was hiding across support. In an a lot of eighties and electoral districts if she hadn't done where Crowley had once the white Crowley has done better in certain certain especially some of the the black communities like throw that. Com she now dominated right so we saw a real just a difference after. You know ABC have been in the community and been present for two years so to me it's about running candidates who have trusted community. And then bring this message and ultimately liked it's much easier for the yesterday and for other groups to mean and wecht world race. It's like a congressional or states and it assembly race because our appeal is talking to voters at the door. I've got to talk to people they said when you're the first person you're the only person in this race has come and talk to your called me it's gonna take this very seriously. And we. Britain would you TV and some besides me on the phone yesterday. As somebody eastern queens. You are you volunteers have John doing your job because you'd call me you texted me I don't handwritten postcards and mailers right so. We have appealed to networks we have a message that we're expect. The mayor street's. Though the governor's race I mean one of things I tell myself advocate for shipment mayor's races that. The mayor's race in New York as having to has to appeal to population that's greater than a lot of European countries. Bright and lobbies European countries have prime minister's because they're such a diversity of political. You know orientations that it works better to have. Many parties working coalition to curry like a prime minister heals this and we don't have that in New York right so we just haven't done acts. I to be able to set the field operation that would appeal to. This very large potential voter pool is have been that we have done yet because this process were young. But we can win congressional district he can win states and districts we could see how these victories are translating. I'm into other kinds of victories long way. Yes I think the one the last thing I want a tough times year it is in terms challenges that the last minute to overcome is that. It seems like a lot of the energy around left candidates. Came after Donald Trump was elected and voters basically sedated Soviet establishment wasn't able to be Donald Trump and so there were some rejection of the establishment and moving left. Saw ideologically just rank and file democratic voters and a lot of people who were getting involved in politics to try to elect people. You know use a little lessons of the New York mayoral race ever probably only applicable to new York and in many ways they are but we have also seen. You know their primaries are on the country and most recently the Virginia house of delegates some left candidates incumbents even lose there. What you term called what we and you know the democratic primary there again. Somewhat of an incumbency in cash advantage. Melanie stands very in the New Mexico so curious like. Do you get the sense that it is like post from a challenge to you get the energy behind black candidates. That state that was there when truck with an office. EUR I don't seek so because on the local level. With the DS basically yes a currency City Council campaigns he can speak to this. Big that the most volunteers meet increases in my music right now yet safe learning very aggressive tough reads in. In it part of queens and Pittsburgh in kind of eastern queens taxi moderate or Asian running very out there and it's funds volunteers. Weren't any at a campaign she she's a lot of energy you know and energy airs at eight. EC council races TSE's investigated. The year is no shortage of volunteers energy anything that's also air act the organization Richards. Nationally shore articles falloff. In these Yasser win you know four whale out of power from being gone you know casual. Voters the casual on year the last voted eight but that's the reality right. But you know. Undoubtedly linked at trial victory and then birdies for its can't he fuel the rise the last I think that's an arguable you know current running track when he thinks together create this exclusive energy. The EU membership rolls. And while the energy crackling. Lightning it was a teen for example. Darryl volunteers are coming out these races and yet all the six City Council and atheist eighth running. Their ground win probably half. Of that and BBD more immediately want to work for war and state legislature last year but you know something happy with the op. Hope injuries and many but he said he count three summit are quite tough he yes they can these I entered the net and even the once or didn't there'll be a lot of people not in north phone call center and he's the. So. I think clicked from a sociological perspective what do things of the trunk. I'm presents he did was it. Bulent people including myself think. I get more local politics and so that's not something that's part of people's identity east even if trump. Com is alive right so it's like oh it's primary season and a doable we're graduate TV is now something people being but that's being accused of politics has become a huge parliament deputies. That's not going the other thing newsletter that the left is. I gonna die down even if as we see some. It's victories for moderates in other parts of the country which I don't care which is to do because I'm so focused on New York right now. It's lot of the social problems. Motivated trump victory and motivate people to come to socialist they've not been solved right share. We all love to see I didn't fishing for these big ambitious tax and spend kind of deals like me to be allowed to see it but you know. We have more poverty India more inequality and we have. You know a lot of a lot of these social pumps that still exist writes one of the things is that the scientists that carries about. Is that. Pulling for democracy as a time. Until we care about democracy. We have to address this inequality that's when things took the scientists take and is. Like you know one of arm like unwritten rules that you can't have democracy that sustain itself with high quality so it until we saw all these problems. The left is still needed right because they're the only one century propose solutions that are just like. There are people in jail and you know. The cage all the immigrants communion right we're proposing solutions that are. I'll moving beyond this in a way that recognized people shared humanity and that is in the that appeals lot of people but fortunately it appeals lots to like people who don't vote. Because as support the show a lot of them don't think voting is very important so is fatigue. Like road ahead and finally the Democratic Party if it looks like want to lose spectacularly. In 20/20 two has recognized the importance. That the left wing breaks so the better for works. We talked a lot here about. Timing different challenges facing the left within the Democratic Party you know whether or diets positions have majority support and kind of a lot of your commentary has focused on on the future Rossi said you know check back in in 20/20 nine and see through. It is doing well in the New York City mayoral race then. Susan you've focused on younger people who don't vote or perhaps people get older that you broke. So when do you think that the left will be viable in being general elections light to New York mayoral race but also in statewide races for governor or senate. Where you don't need to even the presidential. Election. Presumably that's a long term goal for. I think EEU work. 20/20 nine. If if they'll lose I think not air Adams like weak moderate air yet duties area capping arts he would become mere. And guards kind of like technocrat honor she I think he's right for primary I think it in the hearts prime air act as a black mere. Given the U that you really EU well. The black community he has the win a primary. TV very tough to primary talent if it happened artsy ones you can probably right I have county cancer I hate. The left the bench in Europe current lot too small islands another person you one. Just last year Jamal who ended the skies currently for the grease the lights candy. Yet he progressive he lacked the dynamic. Your death part year city small bullet could move to New York City rocker Mayer album in like literally. Create and the like boot two year city to city and Westchester. To like run from Aaron when he wants you might be leaning. I got to think I got black former principal who's a cheaper accidentally injured in sleep very compellingly integrate mayoral Kennedy at decree. Gubernatorial Kennedy my dear John another person and on lap. Just want congress that he crew treats it like Andy. Of course you see rightly I said before I got a lot of people angry last year I said she could force to grant for higher Petit sent. People like how theories yet records Gillibrand sharpshooters them and you know. Your primary bunkers that you'll grant actually an eerie eerie be any year that you see now the senate campaign what you are now. I think Gillibrand. Runner running your arrow right and it's how on earth so. If there's a lot of people were kind of on the bench that he could and got one day Clinton and mayor one. I think that's fine this copy probably 2020s. Her. News. So what I'm hearing says basically you're not now within two years. And equally here for me is like an open mayoral races when he 29 out. Absolutely. A UC percentage when he wore I think it's doable she wants you today. You know someone like Jamal moments only monitored it's likely they're currently weak for their bakeries I think it's aired the right. So there there there will be RT politics lots of luck and timing but I IDC. You lose the net and cheese aired out bench wasn't air her Becky and she's not deals. Now will be times these candies armories. And to really build the coalitions ago when I think it's coming soon like except if you click OYE moderately kind of weak mayor. The primary four years so they teach him for that now. July Williams another person who could be successful seem like candidate. And also like not sit too TSE's or too much to worry for sport is someone who could possibly succeed IN in a few years to run. And the toll it took Ari was an act with the mayor your city in. Light then at ten to fifteen years that would be surprised. Yet we we have the talent we need to build infrastructure. But we do have but the thing is that. You know billions in media matters as wells the message and we've not the left doesn't have agreed mediums running Ford for mayor this year and you know with full respect to all the work and expertise that the people who can. A pig cells progressive candidates have done in the past that is just cleared to all of us which is why people asking what time talking about the mayor's response colonel excise. And that's the four officers scans came out and so you know this is been a lackluster. Race. Like sort of not extremely talented. Candidates across the board which is why. You know the front runners have been moving around and you know. Therefore like I said not a good litmus tests for much of anything except for what happens in a crowded mayoral race. During a pandemic when you institute rates were so for the first time you have a lot of like nibbling political talents running back to get ready get something like that's not really clear so. I'm not I'm gonna go head and say that you know. The only thing that is the test is how well the board of elections able to implement a very significant voting reform during a pandemic. For word. Which we should mention people will have to hope of course but it remains knows the result of this election for a long time we just put a button on it you don't like. Can you give isn't it when you agreement process timeline when you see. The left kind of really competing seriously in democratic politics. It's only two priors for right lately HTTP. I'm total the treaty of future and Burke president. Point nine run for mayor each year from there and ET TE air act passed an air I'll keep you like charismatic. How exciting people so easily bigger ought to pass. My friends are on the exit limits he and the campaign now unseasonably. There are opting for our president lightly mayors and here's here's somebody like charismatic compelling people just Athens office. Collecting an excellent ten to twenty years are going TE positions like we. Pass. I guess I grieve but like it to my feelings look for governor against. Andrew Cuomo then. I think that that could be very competitive and like despite. Cuomo's like huge fundraising advantage she's quite a week. Not we get up to resign and fortunately. Those those who don't like Andrew Cuomo were hoping that. His scandals would be sufficient that you know he really is digging in his heels. But I think he's weakened. Om and so I mean that they'll be very interesting thing to seek to what extent act. You know he faced challenges and Ortiz just decides to run again and then if it's broken race who knows. Yes I think although Kennedy be in the primary you laugh and the lakers out. Have to run. A black candidates winning year city finally it is because it says sheen's attorney general not at all the laugh at your money is but is someone who I think could be Almonte primary she would not. Op. ES laugh at all more work of center left kind of more moderate orientation. But news germano east issue the V and potentially be on well you have to read a ton of money campaign finance laws are horrendous. But happy and if winning lacks he has in your city and I charismatic. Compelling lacked Hannity with roots like. In his area as. Tan color pastor and. Related stories like Gregory got the numbers are colleagues and it rickets crunched you know the old me. Progressive left candidate to win citywide over the time Peters that we looked out was to Monty Williams and it was because he won all. The kind of of the whites of Manhattan and the parts of queens and Brooklyn that you know are involved in the movement that Sanders started. And very much more moderate voters using DRR's. So that seems to be the challenge for the progressives and we will see if they overcome it but let's leave it there announcer accuse me. Thank you. My name is electric Claire editor Curtis as an audio editing she's also in the control room along an intern and quietly and Benson Stevens is on video. He had attachment emailing us at podcasts I thirty dot com you can also is we just have any questions or comments are sent additional it was a reading a review Apple's iTunes store. We're tell someone about us. Thanks for listening and sees.

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