Do we even need political conventions anymore? | FiveThirtyEight Debate Club

In another episode of FiveThirtyEight’s Debate Club, we argue whether or not parties should even have political conventions anymore.
11:18 | 08/17/20

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Transcript for Do we even need political conventions anymore? | FiveThirtyEight Debate Club
I. Welcome back to another meeting him I 38. Since your island home and social gatherings are really acting out. Today's trump is something we've been thinking about and talking about a lot. Should be even have presidential nominating conventions. The Democratic National Convention. And wellness and the blue eyes and I have seen in the country. As well. So this conversation seated area. For that today's debate lot to people we're going to take back political conventions as we know that shooting continued to. Two people picking on argument conventions should be. Reminded that student leaders here each to be reduced bank will get 45 seconds he argue that position Oreo. And Jaffray Europe. Opel. Well my take is that party conventions or ged. I think. Something to be said for happenings something so routine over US history part it's been using them since the early nineteenth century. Odds this sort of visceral connection there and I also think it's a very important event. For bringing members political parties gather. Face to face I say that's not happening this year normally. For discussions about the future of the party. Discussions about party platform what's important going for. And then lastly I think particularly in this same age we've seen recently some some pretty ugly fights with some divisions being exacerbated and party's primaries. It's of the convention is like an opportunity for the parties teamwork pieces to unify after that process so. I think party conventions. Its reasons. Thanks factory here you're next. I hadn't seen any conventions are no longer necessary first of all they no longer felt the original historical purpose which was to choose a nominee. Now any. Thanks to some changes in the past we already know who the nominee is lonely or actually get the connection we don't actually need them her. And secondly. Most and we don't actually care are not actually watching mentioned you should have been trending downward for decades. And this sure doesn't look any better XI you've got poll conducted last week. And 49% of respondents that they. Probably wouldn't watch the democratic mentioning it and another 10% per that they would own logic I can speak so people are under an interest in the states to. Can they are a plane act you can make it came. Okay so my case of the conventions have nothing to do it any quiet I passed the ban is a sad and everything to do with. Pageantry at the production. The musical performances. Convention and the conclusion to the primary season and it is a primary season that starts at the absurdity of the Iowa state fair. The convention is basically it's the correct and if you think of the primaries sort of like. Yet there early on tonight the audition phase of American Idol the convention is that live an Alley and codec neither. Got your balloons confetti granite much like this recent season of American Idol style of Ebert. Like come on let's sit on the 26 people. DNC had a 100000 balloons dropped down and got everything you want it can you get your costs play. Taps crazy out can't get your. Yeah. I yeah. Yeah. It's and those. Are things it didn't stare at major case. While that's a tough. Act to follow. But look conventions should be hand. As Caylee was saying they don't fulfill their original purpose but they even bakeries there it. No longer effective in drumming up support that convention bounce you hear about it. It's got much smaller on average candidates have gotten a five point bump in the polls if you look at elections dating back to 1968. The John McCain is the last candidate to crack five points he hit six and no way. Trounce Clinton victory in two points respectively. And that can pan convention bounce typically fades any. It's what are recently where only applying half of the usual convention bounce adjustment in our model conventions just are with the east bank. Sarah. It's now where I'm to the free for all you name it mastered the art that I actually have a question or a group the obviously caucuses. As they're presented honey what exactly are. More. I think actually it's. Pond there aren't any announcement went and I for me. Eight not out there I think media web site who needs pictures. Politicians playing around a giant aliens that offerings. Personal I didn't think I'd like no balloons are really bad environment and also ample. And shaken Obama. This is just you know little war why we're a nation and I would think Americans you guys wouldn't sound eaten. Margaret state. Really is and you know democracy. Be about me it's to be apparent that he may. They're not Democratic. Party elites I mean when her right voting in the primaries or caucuses. There expressing. This sort of delegation they want to go. From their state or congressional district would have UT the actual national convention. It's an as the representatives from the states and NATO and they finalize the process and yes it's true it's been a long time. Cents a convention was truly in doubt when when delegates arrive but it's not that far in the past and back. Accurate. And easy well and OK multiple ballots but they can the issue I mean things were not written in stone we're not done for going in 1984 Democratic Convention and in 1976 Republican Convention there was at least some out. Op prior to the actual roll call it's I'm so it has been a while by. You know it may eventually transpired that a political party is in any unified hearing the primary process enough for someone to get a majority delegates. And and you might actually have multi bout situation I think the only leaking get ready conventions really is a full reform gets rid of it traits like a national popular vote for the primaries or or something like that because as long as you're electing delegates you gotta have a convention. And and delegates. I think really dig you deeper hole here and an old. What we not having convention due daughter. Amber and her convention. This just said they they are important and the sense of like real party business does go down but a lot of that's behind the scenes anyway and that's going to be especially true this year's while with everything being virtual. However like there's been times you know it didn't change anything in 2016. When Sanders fact that faction what's sad about Clinton winning the nomination. But you know rules changed after so there aren't those kind of small effects I just don't think it has to be a fort de glorified in film national kick. Exactly there's no reason that not an in game on its you know close and setting and how the normality of it taking place without paying. You know musical acts and Clint Eastwood talking to a chair of the necessary for the democracy and the actual. Business to take place. If we're saying this about conventions in the United States then. Arab parties have gatherings like this all the time so I don't know if like in other countries view I think having server regularly scheduled. Consistent. Meeting that's always opted to stay. It is associated obviously the presidential race but has of the things going on. Is important also may be for people that have some idea what's happening with the political parties. I. I'm 110 hours Irving Kirk as you know people that you can watch and they really anger and Japan the status of the party or even warm. All trying to get personal wayside for the patriots' spectacle and all which is really supposed to be the but it speak. An explanation of the country because we you have party in good enough and it's a much more than you think why an even respectable there actually are choosing party leader. And that's not all. You know. Entry exit leaves people are actually lead with a party don't believe it and do it and there it's not it's not that it. He ratings. Act can. Yeah. There's lots of talking back and and things happening mark and it's the same thing here is this campaign out of your technical Oscars you're I cannot areas near. It nannies and creative arts Emmys and the and is it an American tradition of out of hiding out at Staten an afternoon that or and then dying. Well pageantry up production value. Well you got host and it stayed on Jan Allen it. OK is and you changed her mind does anyone want to convince announcement as it seemed more. Feed that they're I don't rule or her any invention I. Eager and but I feel like they hurried out if a conventions occur in. Elaborate elaborate that pop spectacle of it is really unnecessary and in doing what it's let's do and most Americans are you excited about it union bulletin. You know I feel like yeah I think need to go so color me. Leaving Warner and review. If he Lee's new take is. They Gergen bands and it is important that. I mean like I'll conclude and Al confessed that. Elements of the modern conventions seem less useful. And maybe four days it's a little ridiculous maybe a couple days has only need. Mom so. I think that does it as early. Or as even mr. opinion about how it. Their take anything market. I 88 and I'll do this as. The eastern YouTube and Twitter it's the pats. NTELOS what do you think political convention should be. If you are possible. Topics you secrets act. Making it a virtual Belinda.

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{"duration":"11:18","description":"In another episode of FiveThirtyEight’s Debate Club, we argue whether or not parties should even have political conventions anymore.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"72427592","title":"Do we even need political conventions anymore? | FiveThirtyEight Debate Club","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/political-conventions-anymore-fivethirtyeight-debate-club-72427592"}