Who’s better, Westbrook or Paul?

Neil Paine and Chris Herring debate who is the better player: Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul using FiveThirtyEight’s new RAPTOR stat.
3:44 | 11/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Who’s better, Westbrook or Paul?
If you haven't heard James Harden has a new team made in the backcourt and his name is Russell Westbrook. But what I'm curious about one into the season is whether. His new team made in the backward is actually battered old one. Chris Paul. Well so I want to clarify the question first because are we talking about who is the better team made the better fit or who was just better in a vacuum because. Questions when it comes to these particular players especially when you're having a dinosaurs defined which is the better player out of it early I think it matters which direction you take him through a lot to answer OK fine art so I think. A better player in a vacuum. Outside of the concerns about fit and all of those things is Russell Westbrook. And here's why are involved Westbrook he's three years younger than Chris Paul he's only 57 more games than CP three over the past three years so more durable. Generally just more dynamic I mean the guys averaged a triple double per game. Going back each of the past three seasons dark about metrics though. Westbrook that are scoring race matters history that a rebound rate better block raid. Let's Rick's gonna have to tone down the one man show but just and in isolation. For lack of a better term not unintended. All of the numbers that west Africa's capable of show. How great a player he just as like a pure basketball who are so light is that you. Connolly the runways were already in terms of it's gonna be really hard by the better it. Her name's art rocket that if it's far as steel Chris Paul has always been one of the best players. He also led believe in defense of our camera but minded. Among all went so there's no question he's got. Russell west repeat there rough Campbell's quite a bit. And probably most importantly talk about the rockets at what makes an excellent team pardon from a shooting him. You have to pay and Paul. Because he's a great open shooter one of the best midrange shooters the game with that in years. Rough hand loves to pull up from rain love the well anywhere really an all expenses. Was literally. The worst mid range shooter in the game last year. And one of the worst shooters in the entirely when left wide open. Doesn't matter but I think that just Harden likes Westbrook better I mean they used to be teammates I don't really had any numbers to back this up will think how much James Harden likes. Russell Westbrook. Broke through three efforts way. Any game. We're also not gonna figure that now we both feel how we feel. It's probably best to bring in raptor at this point to see what he thinks about all of us. It. Okay raptor who do you think is a better player Chris Paul for Russell west for a while. Allow OK it. Lets her go over rated. Been courting the wins above replacement Chris Paul is worth four and a half more wins and Westbrook over the past two seasons. In that he's better on defense markets instantly Westbrook. Seems like raptors made it pretty clear we thank both players went along with mean which means making my argued that.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Neil Paine and Chris Herring debate who is the better player: Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul using FiveThirtyEight’s new RAPTOR stat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"66850587","title":"Who’s better, Westbrook or Paul?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/whos-westbrook-paul-66850587"}