Who will win the battle in Los Angeles in the NBA this season?

We break down the new look Lakers and Clippers and project what type of season both teams could have.
3:35 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Who will win the battle in Los Angeles in the NBA this season?
The City of Angels is about to be packed with a whole lot of star power to seize more so than usual. But what does all of the crazy offseason moves from the LA clippers and lakers due to their projections for the upcoming NBC's. Let's take a lot. First a quick recap after the lakers added four all stars such as Anthony Davis and boogie cousins here's what their potential starting lineup looks like. He got LeBron James reportedly playing point guard with the island that last. To go Danny Green who is on the NBA champion Toronto Raptors Kyle crews that small forward congrats on getting traded Kyle. To go with cousins in Davis who had previously been together on a pretty imposing pelicans park course that's a lineup that according to our projections. All offer positive ratings on both offense and defense except for Cushman who's a slight negative on deep. Here's a potential clippers' starting line based on who our projections think we'll get the most minutes for. A point guard and got noted deep at that passed pat Beverly and on the wings. He's joined by that too big offseason acquisitions of Paul George takeaway letter. Finally rounding up the starting five you've got landry's chairman and Montrae as Harrell. Coincidentally that's also a lineup that teachers players who were entirely above average on both offense and defense again with the one exception. This time it's increasing and it isn't negative defense. Now it feels like no other team is completely done tinkering with the rosters but even now we can see some trends emerge. Without lakers lineup but there's bench players the faltering Carmelo rating for LA 1640 sevens which is good for about 51 wins according to a 538 projection after accounting for injuries and things like load man which is in new feature of this system this year that allows players like LeBron games to rest themselves during the regular season. As for the clippers their full strength Carmela rating at 1629. And they project for 48 during the regular seat so it's looking really close between the two teams in the battle for LA and we have to give the lakers just a slight edge on paper. And he also have to remember that the clippers won't get a fully healthy Paul George back at the start of the season he still recovering from offseason surgery. But the bigger picture is that LA should be prepared for both of these teams to make deep playoff run which is after all the whole point of building super. According to a remodeled the lakers have 13% chance of winning the NBA championships and the clippers had 85%. By the lakers the ads there well they get a boost for a slight edge in top end talent and also for the collective playoff experience of their veteran players. Neither team is a favorite too when in the west because the Houston Rockets exist. I Houston but this is the most relevant both LA basketball teams have probably ever been in there and higher shared existence in the city means the only other contender was that early twenties hands when the lakers. Still with Kobe Bryant and how that's all going up against the clippers who had just formed their own victory with Chris Paul play cricket in India street George. But even then the Kobe era lakers RD on the decline and a lob city clippers never quite scratch the surface of their potential. So it's fair to say that for the first time maybe ever the center of a basketball universe could be squarely in Hollywood. You might say that the NBA couldn't ask for a batters program. That was terrible let's cut.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"We break down the new look Lakers and Clippers and project what type of season both teams could have.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"64377323","title":"Who will win the battle in Los Angeles in the NBA this season?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/win-battle-los-angeles-nba-season-64377323"}