Cash Flow Calculator  
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The Cash Flow Calculator helps you estimate your current net monthly cash flow. Enter your income from all sources and enter all your expenses. Having your monthly and annual bills and credit card statements handy for reference will be helpful when entering expense information.

If you need to break an annual expense down to a monthly one, enter the the following: annual expense/12. E.G. 2400/12 will result in $200 being entered.

  • Enter exact numbers by clicking in the box and type your number (no commas).
  • The results of your calculations show in the box near the bottom of the calculator.
  • Click on tabs for details and for more options.

Income/Expenses Tab

The Income/Expense Tab allows you to enter pertinent income and expenses and displays interactive calculations in the results box.

Household Net Income

Regular Income

Enter the net (take-home, after tax) monthly amount of all your wages, salaries and tips.

Other Income

Enter your net monthly income from all other sources such as investment income, alimony, business income, etc.

Housing Expenses


Enter the amount you pay monthly in rent or for a mortgage on your primary residence. Enter only the principal and interest part of your mortgage. Include homeowners associated fees here, as well.


Enter the amount you pay every month for telephone, gas, electric, water, sewer, cable and any other utilities that you might have.


Enter any monthly expenses for taxes and insurance associated with your home or apartment.


Estimate your monthly repair and maintenance expenses for your home or apartment.

Transportation Expenses

Car Loans

Enter any monthly amounts for outstanding loans or leases on your cars and/or motorcycles. Typing in 200+400+100, then hitting the Enter key, will result in 700 being entered for you.


Enter your total monthly gasoline expenses for all your vehicles.


Enter any monthly expenses for taxes and insurance associated with your vehicles.


Estimate your monthly repair and maintenance expenses for all your vehicles.

Miscellaneous Expenses


Enter any monthly expenses for groceries, eating out, movies, vacations, etc.

Life Ins/Health Care

Enter monthly expenses for life and health insurance, doctor and dentist co--pays, eye doctor and eyeglass expenses, etc.

Student/Other Loans

If you have student loans or other loans not covered above, enter the total monthly payments here. Examples might include home equity lines of credit, mortgages on second home.


Enter any monthly expenses associated with tax-deductible charities. Include cash donations and fair-trade value of charitable gifts and household items.

Clothing/Pers Care

Your monthly clothing expenses, toiletries, hair cuts, health club fees, etc., go here.

Other Expenses

If you have any monthly expenses that did not fit in the categories above, enter them here. Remember, you can add numbers (e.g., type in 75+25+15), hit the Enter key, and the calculator will sum them for you.


The results are shown interactively as you enter values in the income and expense fields. You see whether you have a positive (excess) or negative (shortage) monthly cash flow. The monthly figure is also shown as an annual amount.

Cash Flow Results Tab

The Cash Flow Results Tab shows your net cash flow and breaks down your expenses by general category.


Use this drop down to choose to show monthly or annual values in the graphs.

Cash Flow Chart

This bar chart graphically illustrates your income, your expenses and your net cash flow. Mouse over the bars to see the amounts.

Expenses Pie Chart

The pie chart illustrates your expenses, broken down by general category. Mouse over the sections to see the amounts.


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