Roth IRA Conversion Calculator  
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The Roth IRA Converter Calculator shows you vividly and dynamically whether it is worth converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The calculator takes into account if you pay your conversion taxes out of IRA proceeds or if you pull them from other sources. The results are shown as a traditional deductible IRA, conversion to a Roth IRA paying taxes out of the IRA distributions and conversion to a Roth IRA paying taxes out of funds outside of the IRA distributions.

  • Enter ballpark values by clicking on and dragging the sliders left or right. Enter exact numbers by clicking on the number in the box and type your number (no commas).

Conversion Amount

This is the one-time, lump-sum amount your want to convert.

Annual Return

This is the return you would expect to get on your investment until you begin withdrawing from it.

Current Tax Rate

Enter your current income tax bracket.

Retire Tax Rate

Enter your estimated income tax bracket at retirement.


Grab the slider at the bottom of the graph and slide it to the number that represents the years from now until your retirement. The values above the graph allow you to compare the accumulated savings based on the kind of IRA you might choose and the manner in which you pay the taxes on the conversion.

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