Shirley Sherrod 'Not Sure' She Wants Her Job Back

Although Secretary Tom Vilsack is reconsidering his decision to oust Shirley Sherrod, she told me she might not even want her job back because she is unsure how she would treated.

“Because of all the publicity surrounding what happened…how would I be treated once I’m back there? I just don’t know,” she said on “ GMA.” “I would have to be reassured on that.”

Sherrod has not heard from Vilsack or President Obama since the tape was released on the conservative website She found out that Vilsack was reevaluating her dismissal at 5:30am when someone read his statement to her.

“I’m a bit disappointed that things happened in the way they happened. It doesn’t take away my support for the administration,” she said. “When I accepted the position at rural development, always in the back of my mind was doing the very best that I could to have that be a good reflection n him and what he was trying to do.”

If she could do it again Sherrod told me she might not tell her story about the white farmer the same way but her message would be the same.

“The message I was getting out there to them is the same message I want everyone to know, anyone I would speak to…I use my life, I grew up in a segregated society, to show how I could move beyond that,” she said.

-- George Stephanopoulos