Kerry Washington reflects on what she learned from Olivia Pope after 7 seasons of 'Scandal'

The "Scandal" actress talks about her favorite episode and the series finale.

She continued, "Sometimes as a parent I think, you know, I'll handle this like Olivia Pope. I can fix any situation. I don't get overwhelmed because she's given me that gift."

"They're all so close to me, but I will say not because of how it ended up but the process of directing my very first episode was really special to me," she explained. "[I] got to do something courageous and new and I loved directing, but I love our cast and crew so to work with them in this new way was really thrilling."

"We are producing and starring in a limited series called 'Little Fires Everywhere' for Hulu [so] we're really excited for that," Washington said. "I've been doing a lot more behind the camera directing and producing. I'm actually filming a pilot right now for ABC that I'm excited about."

As for her "Scandal" family, the final days with them were some of the best in her career.

"The very last scene we shot had four actors in it, but the entire cast came," she said. "The writers came, my parents were there till 3 in the morning -- we got to end the show as a family. It was really special."

Washington teased that the last two episodes of the show will give superfans (aka Gladiators) "everything you want."

"We'll end the way we've always done, stuff to cry about, stuff to laugh about, stuff to be angry and give you everything you want," she said.

The first of the two final "Scandal" episodes will air on Thursday, April 12, on ABC. The series finale airs April 19.