On the Frontlines
Zoos have a track record of detecting epidemics that start in animals.
In Bird Flu Vaccine Hunt, 1976 Tragedy Looms
Scientists Are Working Toward an Effective Bird Flu Vaccine, but Want to Avoid Harm of Swine Flu Shots
Renowned Bird Flu Expert Warns: Be Prepared
There Are "About Even Odds" That the Virus Could Mutate to an Easily Transmitted Form, He Tells 'World News Tonight'
Preparing for a Pandemic
An Expert Goes Over the Must-Haves if Bird Flu Cripples the Country
'Most Wanted' Birds Likely to Transmit Bird Flu
Scientists in Alaska Gear Up for Unprecedented Testing
Bird Flu on Its Way: First Stop, Alaska
Scientists Believe Infected Birds Could Hit Alaska in Three Weeks, and in the Lower 48 by August
Q&A: Is This the 'Mother of All Bird Flu Clusters'?
Dr. William Schaffner Answers Our Questions
Q & A: Avian Flu
How It's Spread, Where It's Found, How to Fight It
Q&A: Bird Flu in Humans
Following are questions regarding bird flu in humans, along with responses from Drs. William Schaffner and Pascal James...
Q&A: On Catching Bird Flu From Birds
Following are questions regarding the likelihood of catching bird flu from birds, along with responses from Dr. Christian...
Q&A: Tamiflu and Relenza
Following are questions regarding the possible bird flu treatments Tamiflu and Relenza, along with responses from Dr. Anne...
Q&A: Bird Flu Vaccine
Following are questions regarding vaccine development to combat the bird flu, along with responses from Dr. John Treanor, a...
Q&A: Practical Pointers About Bird Flu
There are Two Basic Strategies to Protect Oneself Against Infection
When Might the Bird Flu Impact the U.S.?
Answers to Your Questions About the Bird Flu
Learn the Risks of Avian Flu
Q&A With Infectious Disease Specialist
How Would You Know If You Had Avian Flu?
Initial Syptoms of Avian Flu in Humans Can Look Like Seasonal Influenza
Fast Facts on Avian Flu
Virus Could Become a Serious International Health Threat
If Bird Flu Hits, Protect Young Adults First, Ethicists Say
A Possible Shortage of Vaccine Raises Difficult Ethical Questions
What You Should Do to Prepare for an Epidemic
Stock Up on Essentials and Have an 'Outbreak Plan'
Bush Says Billions Needed to Prepare for Bird Flu
Experts Warn of Potential Need to Quarantine Cities if Mutated Virus Spreads
A Bit of Context on the Bird Flu Threat
Bird Flu Has a Potential to Devastate the Human Population, but So Far Has Not Spun Out of Control
Ready or Not, Bird Flu Is Coming to America
Officials Advise Stocking Up on Provisions -- and Warn That Infected Birds Cannot Be Prevented From Flying In
Restaurants Prepare for Avian Flu
Information Campaign Under Way to Keep Chefs and Customers at Ease About Risks
Spanish Flu of 1918: Could It Happen Again?
Health Experts Debate Whether a Similar Pandemic Could Strike Again
Deadliness of Bird Flu Appears to Vary
Two Boys in Turkey Infected, but Show No Symptoms
Pandemic Is Inevitable, Govt. Officials Say
Doctors Believe our Health Care System 'Will Collapse' When It Comes
Scientists Study Tissue From Old Flu Corpses
Scientists Use Clues From Old Corpses to Understand and Prevent Epidemics
How Many People Could Bird Flu Kill?
Estimates of Potential Deaths Range Widely, But Fall Within Range of Past Influenza Pandemics
Bird Flu Battle: On the Front Lines
Inside the country's only lab that can test bird flu samples and sound an alarm.
Bird Flu Ad: Eat Chicken Without Fear
Dept. of Agriculture releases TV ad aimed at easing people's bird flu fears.
Bird Flu Vaccine Race Against Time
On the front lines of the vaccine quest in Rochester, N.Y.
Bird Flu Reality Check
Bird flu discoverer says there is a 50-50 chance the virus will jump to humans.
Bird Flu: Coming Soon to U.S.?
U.S. government warns about the risk of bird flu coming to America.
Bird Flu: The Airplane Factor
What's the likelihood that bird flu will come to America via air passengers?
Facemasks vs. Flu
How much protection would a face mask offer during a flu epidemic?
Bird Flu Primer
What is the avian flu, where did it start, and how will it affect the U.S.?
Bird Vigil, Preventing An Epidemic
What can be done to prepare in the event of a bird flu pandemic?
Most Americans Feel Bird Flu Inevitable
Americans question when and how the deadly avian flu will enter the U.S.